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REVIEW: Crappy Cat



Jamungo has primarily been known for producing their popular Blow Up Dolls (BUD) line of platform toys.  The duo of Ferg and VanBeater have produced several other lines, most recently releasing the Crappy Cat vinyl figure.

Designed by VanBeater, the somewhat intoxicated feline is available in a Standard version as well as a Mono variant.  And he comes with an almost spent six pack, but you’re in luck…there’s one left.



The Crappy Cat packaging is clearly not for display.  While there is a great deal of artwork on the box, there is no window for you to see the actual figure.  That artwork consists of Crappy Cat getting drunk on several of the box panels.  There is a sticker depicting which version (Standard or Mono) is inside.  And each figure is secured between two interlocking plastic trays.

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REVIEW: Carrot Shake Jake



Gary Ham recently released his first self-produced vinyl figure – Carrot Shake Jake.  Produced by Superham Designs (his company), the 6” tall orange rabbit has a strong hankering for carrot shakes.

Jake is a unique rabbit.  He has giant teeth and tiny feet.  He flops when he hops and creates trenches when he walks.  His teeth are so big he can’t chew his carrots.  He drinks carrot shakes!



The figure is packaged in a predominantly green rectangular box.  It has a window pane front which is shaped like a milkshake cup.  The interior packaging consist of dual interlocking plastic trays.

As far as reading material and pictures, Gary Ham has that covered.  Both sides have drawings of Carrot Shake Jake (one side shows what drinking carrot shakes will do and the other shows the consequences of not drinking them).  The rear of the box has background info on the character as well as a handy carrot shake recipe.

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The Residents at LiFT


If you're in the Detroit area on September 4th, you'll want to make it out to LiFT for the release of The ResidentsSteven Cerio will be in attendance to sign The Classic Eyeball and Mr. Skull vinyl figures that will be released through Toy Tokyo.  There will be 4 total variants of each character available (3 color and 1 GID).  Each figure stands approximately 7.5" in height.

Thursday September 4th from 6PM until 10PM

228 W. 4th Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067



Toy Break Episode 45: Fast Food Crawl


Few may know that some of my first toy reviews were of offerings from a McDonalds Happy Meal.   Yep...that was way back when I started up a little site called Toytoons (it's sad that my old site is now just unrelated ads and spam) and you can probably find it in the web archives.

Well, Toy Break went all out and ordered up a ton of fast food.   There goes my diet!   Check out Toy Break Episode 45: Fast Food Crawl...preferably after you've eaten a big meal.