Riot68’s Custom Bunqee

Riot68 sent us photos of his Bunqee customs. This duo will be shown off at the Love:Hate show at Subtext. (See our earlier post) If you’re in San Diego for Comic Con…why not go check out a cool custom show???

Yoink’s Custom Bart

Yoink sent us word (and photos) of his Bart custom for the Toy2R show. If you’ll be at Comic Con later this month, you’ll see a ton of amazing custom pieces.

Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext present Love:Hate

Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext present Love:Hate. The show features works by over 50 artists including Jim Koch, Bucky Lastard, Tristan Eaton, Jenna Colby, Zoso and many many more. Come by to check out the works, sip a beverage, enjoy some…