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2006 SDCC: The Level 5 Group/Kaching Brand


The Level 5 Group and Kaching Brand had one of the most overwhelming displays at Comic Con.  Not only did they have a life-sized Tetsujin 28 figure, but there was a ton of new vinyl on display.  Work from TobyHK, Mizna Wada, various MOTUG members was well received.  Arnie Kim had a number of amazing 12" figures including various Harrison Ford characters, Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan and several Bruce Lee characters.

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I.W.G. Series 4


OtterX has revealed the 4 newest members of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo - from Rocket World.  These 4 characters will make up Series 4 of the Gruppo.  Look for Burnum the Platypus, Candace the African Elephant, Makutu the Yellow Eyed Penguin, and Oishi the Japanese Snow Monkey to be available somewhere around late 2006 or early 2007.  Want to see all of the sneak peek photos? Check out the Rocket World Forum!

Also...Rocket World has a special deal for Plastic and Plush readers.  Purchase both the Sasquatch and Yeti figures and receive a dead human booster pack for $5 and a free Rocket World Diner lithograph.  Enter in promo code: IWGSchwag in the comments section of the online order form.

2006 SDCC: Wheaty Wheat Studios


Richard and Debbie from Wheaty Wheat Studios were at 5 & A Dime during the time Comic Con was going on.  The gallery was out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the Convention Center...and plus there was a BBQ happening daily. 

Not only did Wheaty Wheat have exclusive Zliks (from Andrew Bell) but the also had artist signings as well as some AMAZING new prototypes.

Among the prototypes shown:

"Dog gone" by Brian Taylor
"Jack Rabbit" by Brian Taylor
"Phallic Mammary" by Phallic Mammary (pink with udders)
"DCTO" by Dacosta Bayley (leaf and red one)
"Dhall v1.0" by Cam De Leon (gray and red figure on the wall)
"Dolly" by MedFed (Blue pill)

2006 SDCC coverage sponsored by Panik's Toy Box and


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James Jarvis at Meltdown Comics


James Jarvis will be exhibiting some of his preparatory drawings from “Vortigern’s Machine and the Great Sage of Wisdom” at Meltdown Comics.

The exhibition will last from July 28th until August 28th. James will be making a personal appearance on the opening night where, from 6pm, he will sign whatever is put in front of him (within reason).

Available for purchase: 8 pieces of original art; an edition of 10 hardcover "Vortigern’s Machine and the Great Sage of Wisdom" books with front and back inside flap covers drawn by Jarvis; limited edition of 20 Pink King Ken figures. James will also paint a mural at the gallery!