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Save Huck! MAD*L


The fine folks at Wheaty Wheat Studios are helping out in the effort to save Huck Gee.  Want to read more about this story, check out Mr. Gee's Story.  Everyone is doing all they can to help the super talented artist stay in the US.  Look for the Save Huck MAD*L to be released to the public in the near future.

REVIEW: I.W.G. Mini Figures – Part 3


We wrap up our coverage of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Mini Figure line with Part 3 of our review.  The last 3 figures are Irra the Burrowing Owl, Desmond the Dolphin and Astrid the Jaguar.  And remember that all 9 I.W.G. figures are currently available for $7.99 through the Rocket World website.


Irra the Burrowing Owl was one of the most unique 6-inch vinyl figures.  She attaches directly to her laser guided bomb.  The one difference is that the bomb on the mini figure does not have an LED light inside of it.  The figure doesn’t stand well on it’s own, so you should probably leave it attached to the bomb.
Overall Grade: 91%

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Vinyl Exchange: Dec. 3rd


Events take place:

December 3, 2005 from 9:00 am - 1:00pm
Embassy Suites
11767 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, CA 92840

With customs by:

Nakanari, Mimic, Sket One, SEEN...and loads of other artists.

REVIEW: The 2005 Jones Soda National Holiday Pack

Much to my jubilation, I was able to snag the 2005 Holiday Packs from
Jones Soda Company.  Jones is the self-described purveyor “of many
finely flavored beverages that can be found year round in grocery
stores, convenience stores, and everywhere else you wouldn’t expect to
find a soda.”


The National Holiday Pack from Jones is chocked full of flavors that would be
recognizable on your dinner table.  However, when it comes to a soda,
some of these flavors might make you gag.  This is the second year I
have heard of the Holiday Pack, and the company has changed it up and
added some new flavors.  There is also a Regional Holiday Pack that is
only available in certain areas of the country (look for a review of
that later next month).


The 2005 Pack contains 5 delectable flavors that will make your mouth
salivate…one way or another.  There is the infamous Turkey & Gravy,
Wild Herb Stuffing, Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto, Cranberry Sauce and
Pumpkin Pie.  The sodas are packaged in a lovely, displayable box.  I
recommend keeping them as a displayable novelty item and not drinking
them.  Enclosed with the soda is a recommended wine list, moistened towelette and three
sporks (you know – spoon/fork utensils).

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Free Toys From Me

OK folks...I am moving next month.  This means I need to clean up, pack things neatly in their boxes, etc.  I have come across some extra toys that I would like to make available to you...the readers.  All I am asking from you is to help me by paying for shipping. 

So here is what we have at the moment:

Helpy Horvath Dunny (Red) - 2
Gel 2.0 Horvath Dunny (Green and White) - 2
Mabus Horvath Dunny (Green) - 2
Cook Horvath Dunny (Purple) - 2
Spawn - Lotus Warrior Angel - 1
Spawn - Zombie Spawn - 1
Spawn - Grave Digger - 1

I also have a number of mini Emotes that I will add if you want one.

Here's what you must do:

Post a comment in the comments section of this post and let me know what you want.  Shipping for each figure is $5.  If you want an additional figure, it will be $2 extra (unless it is 2 Dunnys - still $5).  Only 2 figures per person and no one can snag 2 of the Spawn figures. Paypal and shipping to the US only.  I hope this makes sense!!


REVIEW: Neth Creatures Flora Collection

I completely missed out on seeing the first set of Neth Creatures at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe I was too busy dressing up in my Klingon outfit and waiting in line for my Aeon Flux silk-screened t-shirt.  Whatever it was, I missed out on seeing a very cool art toy…and I have been kicking myself ever since.

Well, lucky for me, the initial series of Neth Creatures was launched last month.  With 9 figures in Series 1, the Nethies have made a pretty big splash.  After being in development for over 2 years, we’ve been blessed with 3 unique figures having 3 different designs: Flora, Natural and Brushed.


Each figure is made up of 5 different pieces.  There is a head and a base that are separated by a metal divider.  The metal diecast ring is where the figure’s arms are secured.  Both the head and the base are made of clear, translucent plastic.  Within this plastic is where the artwork that differentiates the lines in housed.  All of the figures can be disassembled and reassembled with different configurations.

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Scuba Booty…

Although it’s not a new figure, we received news that Achy Breaky Toys’ Scuba Booty is still available and can be purchased by emailing JC


Scuba Booty is a 10-inch tall action figure designed by Spazz.  She is a soft vinyl doll, who is obviously underdressed – hence the blurring.  Scuba Booty has a flocked afro, fur boots, shorts with a utility belt, and a big ‘ol knife.  The figure also has a crystal pedestal so you can display her.  It’s probably one of the strangest figures I have come across.  The figure retails for $45.99.


REVIEW: I.W.G Mini Figures – Part 2


In Part 2 of our Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo mini figure review, we examine three more of the little IWG characters.  Remember that all 9 figures are currently available through the Rocket World website for $7.99 each.  They are all sold individually and include a skull and crossbones with unique damage inflicted by the character’s weapon of choice.

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New Neo Blythe

The collaboration by "Pom Ponnet," a sophisticated, French-taste
children's apparel brand and CWC have given birth to the Neo Blythe
"Rendez-vous Chouchou". 


The skirt of the dress she wears is gorgeously
embroidered with a scene from Paris. The scene included a corner cafe
and the Eiffel Tower looking down are all elaborately done in beads,
spangles and rhinestones.  The rhinestones and cut-beads hemmed on the
upper front of the dress create an elegant look. The big ribbon on the
back of the dress adds the final touch of charm to the fashionable
outfit. The eye change charm is embossed with a crown. She carries a
cute, heart shape bag with a ribbon and pearl handle. The top hat
has the letter P written in with rhinestone. The lace gloves and socks
complete the look!
Blythe's fluffy friends is a sweet poodle with a pink lead and a
light-blue polka dot dress.

Bwana Spoons at Wootini in December

One day Jessie the Wanderer woke up on the beach with way too much sand in his ears, and said "I don't wanna wander no more." So he set out on a mini-quest to find some land and build some proper shelter. From this came Jessie's Palace.


Wootini presents Bwana Spoons, the original Rainbow Master, on Friday, 9 December, from 7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro.  Expect to see lots of new paintings, tiny sculptures, and piles of driftwood, along with refreshments and music from Family. Show runs through 9 January, 2006.