We wrap up our coverage of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Mini Figure line with Part 3 of our review.  The last 3 figures are Irra the Burrowing Owl, Desmond the Dolphin and Astrid the Jaguar.  And remember that all 9 I.W.G. figures are currently available for $7.99 through the Rocket World website.


Irra the Burrowing Owl was one of the most unique 6-inch vinyl figures.  She attaches directly to her laser guided bomb.  The one difference is that the bomb on the mini figure does not have an LED light inside of it.  The figure doesn’t stand well on it’s own, so you should probably leave it attached to the bomb.
Overall Grade: 91%


Desmond the Dolphin comes packaged with his very own sea mine.  The
sea mine is very useful when you want to prop the figure up.  However,
in real life…I think this would cause Desmond to explode into little
bits of Star Kist Tuna.
Overall Grade: 92%


Astrid the Jaguar is probably my favorite figure in the first series
of I.W.G. toys.  I must say that the mini figure has some improvements
over the full-size vinyl.  The .45 automatic pistol Astrid totes around
fits much more securely in his hand.  All of the spots (including the
special birthmark) are the same as the larger version.  And the mini
version also has the facial whiskers.
Overall Grade: 98%

Now we have to wait for Series 2 of Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo
figures to drop sometime next year.  Rocket World has a number of very
special surprises in store for collectors.  There are the 3 new large
vinyl versions of Titus the Bear set to be launched early next year.
Plus, remember that there will be a super cool Rocketship to store your
I.W.G. mini figures in.


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