2013 PAPAs: Best Sixth-Scale Figure

Sixth-Scale figures have pretty much taken over my personal collection. The level of quality in this genre of action figures has made it difficult to determine if you’re looking at … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Artist of the Year

I like to make the artist of the year category as broad as possible. From customizers to toy designers to artwork to paper to plush…they’re all included. Also, I like … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Toy Line

The Best Toy Line category is really about toy lines that have produced a consistently good/entertaining lineup over the past year. As we look at five of them…there’s pretty much … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Packaging

Choosing the best toy packaging is always a different venture. Is it the most attractive? The best to display? The easiest to open? Well, here are five examples that run … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Sculpting

We start out the 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards with the Best Sculpting Award. The top five examples of excellent sculpting work are listed below: 5. Mike, Sulley, and Archie … Read More

2013 Plastic and Plush Awards: The PAPAs

It’s a little late, but the 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards (PAPAs) have been tabulated. Over the next week-plus, I will be announcing winners in the following categories. • Artist … Read More

REVIEW: Uglydoll: Eat Dat!

The third Uglydoll graphic novel from VIZ is called Uglydoll: Eat Dat!. The 80 page full color comic focuses on a central theme – food. Like the first two, David … Read More

REVIEW: Mystical Warriors of the Ring Series 1

Background The Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line was created by Mark Vasquez and Fantastic Plastic Toys, with help from artist Jazyl Homavazir, sculptor Simon Grell, and prototype-master Marty … Read More

REVIEW: Hot Toys’ Joe Colton

Background G.I. Joe: Retaliation is the 2013 action film based on the Hasbro toy license. The second live-action G.I. Joe film is a follow-up to the 2009 box office success … Read More

REVIEW: Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series

Background Monsters University is the 2013 prequel follow-up to the Disney•Pixar Monsters, Inc. Fans of the original film only had to wait 12 years to get their anticipated sequel, which … Read More

REVIEW: Captain Action Wave 3

Background Captain Action was originally released in 1966 as Ideal Toy Company’s answer to Hasbro’s G.I. Joe. Kids and collectors were able to dress him up in costumes of some … Read More

REVIEW: Ion Men – Uma-naut

Background Designed by Matts Walls (A.O.I.) and Daniel Smith (turboPISTOLA), the Ion Men are a series of 5” tall sofubi vinyl figures. The Ion Men are made up of a … Read More