Background The latest vinyl figure from Necessaries Toy Foundation is called B-KAWZ: B-KAWZ there isn’t enough shit at Comicon already. B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning toy collector. B-KAWZ absolutely everyone … Read More

B-KAWZ – Appropriating the Appropriator

B-KAWZ – Appropriating the Appropriator is a parody of a parody of someone else’s art. B-KAWZ there isn’t enough shit at Comicon already B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning … Read More

REVIEW: Sundae Girls – I Want Candy

Background The designer toy world has seen more than its’ share of vaporware (or whatever the vinyl equivalent of it is called). Many thought that Fawn Gehweiler’s Sundae Girls would … Read More

NTF + Fawn = Sundae Girls – I Want Candy

Six years after unveiling Fawn Gehweiler’s first vinyl toy, Necessaries Toy Foundation is ready to release the Sundae Girls. I Want Candy is the first of the Fawn’s three Sundae Girls … Read More

REVIEW: The Black Doll

Background A life-long friend of Edward Gorey’s made The Black Doll for him in 1942. Gorey visited her while she was making it, and upon seeing it insisted on keeping … Read More

NTF + Edward Gorey – The Black Doll

Necessaries Toy Foundation, in conjunction with the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, will release The Black Doll. The 13″ tall doll will be a limited edition of 2,000 pieces. Look for … Read More

Antoinette the Sympathy Girl

Necessaries Toy Foundation has released this great new colorway of the long sold out 2002 Sympathy for the Records Industry logo figurine – Antoinette the Sympathy Girl. This 16" tall … Read More

Antoinette the Sympathy Girl – Goth Edition

If you weren’t able to get your hands on one of Necessaries Toy Foundation’s Antoinette the Sympathy Girl (originally released in 2002), 3DRetro has announced an exclusive Goth Colorway. This … Read More

REVIEW: Mark Ryden’s YHWH

Background Mark Ryden is one of the most popular contributors to the lowbrow art scene. And since there is such crossover between the designer toy world and lowbrow art, for years, collectors have been clamoring for some sort of original…

Mark Ryden and NTF’s YHWH

Hi Fructose and Brian McCarty dropped a bombshell on us. But it’s a good kind of bombshell. Long Gone John and his Necessaries Toy Foundation are back (had they ever left?) and previewing their upcoming Mark Ryden piece – YHWH….

Fawn Candy Girls!

All I can say is…YES! Fawn Gehweiler’s candy girls – Edie, Pippi and Sailor Girl. Necessaries Toy Foundation has posted this photo on their blog…with the message – “soon”. We know that these will be on display at the DKE…

REVIEW: NTF and Fafi’s Irina

Background Fafi is a well-known French graffiti artist who has also taken the fine art and designer toy scene by storm. Her paintings and drawings of her funny, sexy girls can be seen adorning walls, on canvas or styling clothing….