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The designer toy world has seen more than its' share of vaporware (or whatever the vinyl equivalent of it is called). Many thought that Fawn Gehweiler's Sundae Girls would never see the light of day - there was that July 17th 2006 post on the Necessaries Toy Foundation blog stating a release would be “Soon”. But we all should have learned that NTF and Long Gone John won't let collectors down.

The first of the three previewed Sundae Girls (they were called Candy Girls back in '06) is named I Want Candy. Sculpted by Dave Pressler, and based on Fawn's artwork, this is the 9th figure sculpt to be released by Necessaries Toy Foundation.

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The Facts

I Want Candy
Series: Sundae Girls
Manufacturer: Necessaries Toy Foundation
Artist: Fawn Gehweiler
Sculpted by: Dave Pressler
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 14” tall
Points of Articulation: 6 (neck, arms, waist, knees - at the socks)
Edition Size: 500 pieces
Pricing: $68.95

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The box packaging features a large illustration of the “I Want Candy” character from Fawn Gehweiler on the front. The entire box is designed in a pink theme (much like the doll itself). Inside, the figure is secured between a pair of plastic trays.

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Our Opinion

If there are two things that Necessaries Toy Foundation is known for, it would be: 1. They make very large vinyl figures, and 2. They sort of work on their own schedule. With that said, they do eventually produce the toys they show off...as we see with the 6 year gap between preview and release.

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Of course, the first question you're likely to ask is “Was it worth the wait?” I'd respond that after six years, you're probably not still sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for a toy to be released. But fans of Fawn Gehweiler's art and fans of big-eyed girls with pink hair will definitely like this piece.

I don't think it perfectly captured the illustrated basis for the vinyl, which is shown on the box's lid. But that's not entirely an awful thing. The figure stands alone very well (figuratively and literally...although we'll get to that). I'd say that the vinyl I Want Candy is about 70% correct when comparing to the illustrated version. (That would mainly stem from her hairstyle and the positioning of her eyes)

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So let's look at production quality. Again, this is a 14” tall rotocast vinyl figure. And while it stands fine now, over time, because of heat, sunlight, etc., you might need to start using a doll stand to prevent her falling over. (Remember the Camille Rose Garcia vinyl dolls from NTF) I did notice on this specific piece that one leg is slightly longer than the other, although it didn't impact balance or posing.

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The paint work is slightly above average for a figure of this size and price. The work on the face, especially around the eyes, is really well done. And I like that NTF duplicated the illustrated look by tinting her elbows and knees in pink. The only paint issue I noticed was a yellow discoloration on the front of her shirt.

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Some other notables I want to point out are that the lollipop is indeed removable from her hand. And the skirt for the I Want Candy vinyl is made of pliable plastic and can be twisted around. For a 14” tall vinyl figure that's less than $70, I think if you like the character...you'll be happy with I Want Candy. (By the way...show of hands...who think this looks just like Holly Stanway, creator of the Caveys?)

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

You can pick one up at the following:

Tainted Visions: $68.95

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