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Tofu the Vegan Zombie SDCC Exclusive


Applehead Factory will have their 2008 SDCC Exclusive "white" Tofu, the Vegan Zombie 7" tall vinyl
version at booth #4923. Created by a scientist looking to cure
zombie-ism, Tofu is a friendly, undead vegan.  The figure (limited to 150 pieces) has 5
points of articulation, a fully sculpted produce base, apple crate-like
window packaging and a removable tofu block.  It should run $35 each.

Kozik Anarchy Exclusive


Jamungo has produced a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Kozik Anarchy piece.  Is it a toy?  Probably not.  Is it a sculpture?  Maybe.  Not really sure what to cal it, but I know that Kozik fans will want to pick one up.

MTV’s The Maxx


Available at Shocker Toys' San Diego Comic Con booth (#3849), MTV's The Maxx mini is a part of their new Indie Spotlight mini vinyl toy line. This all-new line will feature fully painted vinyl action figures of the Indie Spotlight line that will fit in your pocket.  The collectible vinyl action figure line will come in 12-14 characters per blind-boxed wave.  The figure will be limited to 500 pieces in a full colored box.

Tricycle Terror: Throwback Edition


If you'll be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, be on the lookout for Scott Tolleson's Tricycle Terror: Throwback Edition.  The greyscale edition will be limited to a run of 50 pieces and run $55 each.  You'll definitely want to add this one to your SDCC wishlist.


SDCC Exclusive Domo


Dark Horse will have the above Yellow version of the popular Japanese character Domo available at San Diego Comic Con.  The exclusive figure will be limited to a run of 400 pieces is flocked and 8" in height.  Why do I feel like mustard....???

Sideshow Announces 2008 SDCC Exclusives


Sideshow Collectibles has announced their lineup of 2008 San Diego Comic Con exclusives.  Star Wars fans can get excited about the Aayla Secura 12" tall figure from Sideshow and the Shadow Guard VCD from Medicom.  They will also have the Skeleton Jack Cosbaby from Hot Toys' Pirates of the Caribbean line, as well as the Iron Man Archive Set - Mark II.


Tokidoki Kaniza SDCC 2008 Release


SDCC 2008 is just around the corner, and ToyQube offers the first preview of what is to come this July in San Diego.

Ahoy Mates!  Get ready to take a ride with Tokidoki on the high seas.  This is the first look at the new Tokidoki Kaniza being released by ToyQube.  Created by one of the most popular designers right now, Simone Legno, utilizes his cute illustration style on the starfish Kaniza.  There will be 1,000 pieces of the Tokidoki Kaniza being released at SDCC 2008 from ToyQube, pricing will be revealed at a later date. 


UNKL’s Mak.Po at SDCC…got that?


UNKL's much-anticipated MaK.Po will release at their San Diego Comic Con booth in late July 2008

A nod to Kow Yokoyama's esteemed Maschinen Krieger figures, UNKL had the opportunity to present their idea for MaK.Po to Yokoyama in mid-2006.  With Yokoyama's blessing, MaK.Po was created.  Two years later, after dozens of production challenges, MaK.Po is now good to go.  The ten-inch interpretation of Yokoyama's figures is the UNKL-ized version of the ultimate superhuman fighting suit.  All MaK.Po figures come complete with a three-inch HazMaPo (the smallest Haz yet), interchangeable arms, rocket propelled grenade launcher, rocket pack, propeller and cushy velvet interior.

The piece will be limited to a run of 400 green and only 100 orange figures.  We haven't found out if all or maybe one of the colorways will be made available at SDCC.  But it's nice to see a release date for what is definitely be UNKL's best project to date.

Vegetius from Kaiju Big Battel


The creators of Kaiju Big Battel introduced us to the Sky Deviler vinyl figure at San Diego Comic Con 2007.  This year, they are set to drop the newest KBB vinyl - Vegetius.  The Rogue Fereal Beast in one mean monster wrestler.  The above prototype is being produced by Marmit and will be available at the KBB booth at Comic Con.