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REVIEW: MAD*L Artist Series



Wheaty Wheat Studios
has assembled some of the best designs from last year’s Custom MAD*L Show, as well as some new designs, in what is being referred to as the MAD*L Artist Series.   Phase 1 and 2 each had 3 figures designed by MAD.  This series consists of work by MAD, Sket One, Frank Kozik, Mimic, TADO and Christopher Lee.



The MAD*L Artist Series is very similar to the Phase 1 and 2 boxes.  It is a windowless box with a sticker of the enclosed character on the top lid.


The Figure

Well, if you collect vinyl figures, I am sure that you have seen a MAD*L before.  The figures stand around 6” tall and have 1 point of articulation (the neck).  The MAD*L figure is quickly becoming one of the most popular *gasp* platform toys out there.  Originally modeled after MAD’s son, it allows for all types of customizations. 

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Wheaty Wheat at 5&A Dime


Well, if you'll be attending San Diego Comic'll have even more entertainment options.  Personally...I like to take in a ballgame, travel to Coronado or go to the zoo...but that's because there was never a show like this.  Wheaty Wheat Studios will run this show during Comic Con - July 19-23 and don't forget about the Back in the Day art show.  This year, there will be a ton of options if you get fed up with the Con.

CONTEST: Win a MAD*L Artist Series Set


We are again teaming up with Wheaty Wheat Studios to run a contest…this time giving away a set of the red-hot MAD*L Artist Series figures.  Designs by: Kozik, MAD, Sket One, TADO, Christopher Lee and Mimic.

The Rules:

  • This is your time to get creative and photograph MAD*L figures in interesting, funny, etc. situations.  (If you need any inspiration, check out Brian McCarty’s work)
  • Contest ends on July 1st.
  • Submit as many entries as you would like.

MAD*L Artist Series Shipping


Debbie and Richard from Wheaty Wheat have sent word that Series 1 of Artist Series MAD*L figures is now shipping to retailers.  Be on the lookout for this line - with 6 top artists represented.  If you forgot what they look like...check out below. Word is that Andrew Bell's Zliks are also making their way to sunny California...meaning a release in the near future.


Sneak Peek – Kathie Olivas’ Violet

Not a Plastic and Plush Dicussion Board member yet? Well, you're missing out on some cool news if you're not checking out our board.  Wheaty Wheat Studios is offering a limited sneak peek at Kathie Olivas' Violet toy prototype based on her Misery Children series.  You can only see the sneak peek by checking out our Wheaty Wheat Forum.

CONTEST: Mr. Bunny and Fire Cat Finalists


The judges (Debbie Yoon and Chris Lee from Wheaty Wheat and myself) have selected our 5 favorite haikus, so now it's up to you to choose who will take home the first and second place prizes.  You want to know who the finalists are?  Well you'll have to go check out our discussion board to see if you made it.  Then vote for your favorite haiku in our online poll.  Voting will close on April 20th at 12:01 am EST.  Remember that the first place winner will get their choice of the two figures above and the runner-up will get the other.

Mixy & Joe Action Figures


Mixy and Joe creator - Chronic Fatigue - is currently taking pre-orders for his figures.  And just in time for the official release of his action figures, CF has announced that a web based video game is in the works.  It's described as 80's - Zelda-ish - with tons of gore.  Who wouldn't like that?

CONTEST: Win Mr. Bunny or Fire Cat!!


This is the contest you’ve been waiting for!  Thanks to our friends from Wheaty Wheat Studios, we are going to be giving away a Fire Cat and Mr. Bunny figure

As you probably know, these two figures, based on Joe Ledbetter’s work, have been the hottest things to hit the designer toy market.  They immediately sold out every place they went on sale.

So here is what you need to do:

You’ll need to come up with a haiku based on why you collect vinyl toys.  A haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry that is 3 lines and based on a 5, 7, 5 syllabic pattern.  Each entry will be graded on a 10 point scale: 3 points for originality, 3 points for humor and 4 points for making sense.  These will be graded by Wheaty Wheat’s Debbie Yoon and Chris Lee as well as me - Brian Slivka.  The top 5 will be selected and voted upon by the readers.  The winner will be able to choose between Mr. Bunny and Fire Cat and the runner up will receive the other.  (Both of the figures are Artist Proofs and are a limited edition of 48 figures)

You will need to post your haiku in the Wheaty Wheat Forum on the Discussion Board

Only 1 entry per person, and the contest will last until 12:01 am on April 2nd.

And Good Luck!

The Urbanites & TADO Print


The exclusive Horror On Tour giclee print is currently for sale through Wheaty Wheat's online store.  The 18x24" print is limited to 50 and signed and numbered by the artists - TADO and Chris Lee.

Save Huck! MAD*L – For Sale


The MAD*L everyone has been waiting for is now available only through the Wheaty Wheat website.  The Save Huck! MAD*L will be individually numbered and signed by Huck Gee.  The run was supposed to be only 50, but due to a huge outpouring of has been upped to 100.  The figure will cost $106, with all proceeds donated to Huck's defense fund.