Wheaty Wheat Studios is reporting that Chris Lee's newest character from the Urbanites - Mellow - will be available beginning in May.  There were some factory issues this year, but if you own a WWS know that the company strives for high quality products (i.e. perfection).  So which Mellow are you going to pick up?

Starting from the right, with the green jello accessory, is the standard
.  This variant will be limited to 660 figures and like all the
variants, it will be hand numbered.  The SRP for this figure is $69.99
and will be found at most of your local vinyl retailers.  This figure
will be released near the end of May.

Second from the right is Marshmellow (white variant) and comes with a S'mores accessory.  This figure will be limited to only 300 figures.  The SRP for this figure is $79.99 and is a 3DRetro exclusive.  This will be released at the end
of May as well. 

The second from the left is Licorice & Love (black
variant) and comes with a red jello accessory.  This figure is the
rarest of the variants, limited to only 84 figures.  Each will be hand
numbered and has a SRP of $89.99.  Licorice & Love will only be
available from myplasticheart.

Last but definitely not least is the Sherpa Mellow (flocked
variant) with orange jello.  It is
limited to only 180 figures, and will only be
found at Pink Ghost & Friends.  Similar
to the Licorice & Love variant, the Sherpa Mellow will be released
in June.

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