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Onell Buildstation – Open Tonight

Onell Stealth Flex Form

Onell Design has announced that The Buildstation will come back to life tonight (Friday, June 14th 2013) at 9:30PM ET.

Here's what Matt has to say about this evening's release:

This release will be a little different than usual, as the majority of the items popping up in the store have been ordered in high amounts, the highest since the original Founders many years ago. All the Clear Colorless (Stealth) figures and parts will appear in the resurrected Buildstation section on Friday night, and hopefully remain there for some time to come. This is an experiment, and hopefully it makes getting stuff for building easier on a regular basis.

There will be some special releases as well, with order limits in place like in the past.

The thing we're most excited to see finally return on Friday is Standard Pheyden! This will be the MK IV version, with a slightly brighter blue and lighter grey PVC. Of course you can't have Standard Pheyden without Reverse Pheyden (literally), so one of my personal old favorites is also back, now as a MK II edition. Both of these figures have been run in higher amounts and should stick around for a while.

New Figures from Banimon

Banimon has released a trio of new 1-inch tall PVC figures (all completely interchangeable with the Glyos System Series figures).

Banimon Revoluntionary Guard

The Red Army Men "Revolutionary Guard" has 16 separate parts (includings a bonus Banigoth Warrior head) and will run $7.00.

Banimon Fire Eater

The Red Army Men "Fire Eater" Soldier is made up of 15 separate parts and will also run you $7.00.

Banimon Banigoth Winter

Finally, the Banigoth Winter Operations figure has 15 separate parts and will run you (guess...) $7.00.  (probably my favorite of the bunch)

481 Universe Custom Drop

481 May Sale 2

There will be a big custom release over at 481 Universe this Friday (May 24th 2013) at 8PM ET.

"Some of them include Outlander test shot parts, Armorvor parts, hand sculpted one of a kind parts and hand cast parts."

So if past sales are any indication, Ni will have a number of different, crazy pieces for you to purchase.

481 May Sale 1

The Outlander from NiStuff

481 Outlander

So Ni (Nicholas) from NiStuff and 481 Universe is showing off the above photo of the first test shot of his Outlander production piece. The Glyos compatible figure look pretty great to me. It has an insect-like feel to it.

Here's Ni's thoughts on the project:

It’s fun to finally see these two standing side by side. The Outlander is heavily based upon the lines and proportions laid out in the original traveler figure. The original Pheyden (and other travelers) is my favorite of Onell Design’s figure selection so being allowed to pay homage to them as well as put my own spin on a figure in the same vein is a real dream.

The legs and arms deviate from the original traveler formula. The arms have a peg and socket at the elbow and wrist so you can approximate a number of poses and arm configurations. The Legs have useful swivels in the ankles for added stability. The Chest piece can be reversed and used in two different configurations.

Operation: Sonesidar – Onell’s February 1st Drop

Onell Sonesidar Defense Force Blocker Rig

Onell Design will be dropping their first release of 2013 tonight (February 1st 2013) at 9:30PM ET.

As mentioned before, the old Adventure People line is the main inspiration for this assortment. The simple color schemes, durable figures and fantastic vehicles (like the Firestar 1) have influenced many toy lines over the years, particularly the one we have here.

Also, due to the particularly unique hue of the yellowish orange parts, they get the nickname Yellorange, because typing creamsicle too many times makes me hungry.

So here's what will be released in Operation: Sonesidar:

Onell Commander Arclurren

Glyan - Sonesidar Rescue Unit (White/Yellorange with Green Visors and Yellorange tampo) - $8.00
Glyan - Sonesidar Excavation Division (Yellorange/White with Green Visors and White tampo) - $8.00
Glyan - Sonesidar Defense Force (Gray with Green Visors and White tampo) - $8.00

Deep Space Glyan - Sonesidar Rescue Unit (White/Yellorange with Green Visors and Yellorange tampos) - $12.00
Deep Space Glyan - Sonesidar Excavation Division (Yellorange/White with Green Visors and White tampos) - $12.00

Onell Neo Phase MK II

SRU Commander Arclurran Sarvos (White/Yellorange with Green eyes and Yellorange spray masks) - $8.00
SED Commander Lorsailus Pheyden (Yellorange/White with Green eyes and Yellorange scarf) - $8.00
Neo Phase Pheyden MK II (Clear Neon Green with Green eyes) - $8.00
Discovery Exellis (Gray with Green eyes and Gray scarf) - $8.00

Crayboth - Neo Phase (Clear Neon Green with no paint) - $3.00

Onell Armorvor Sonesidar Mimic

Armorvor - Sonesidar Mimic (Yellorange/White with Green Visors) - $8.00

Hub Set - Sonesidar Rescue Unit (White with Green Visors and Yellorange tampo) - $4.00
Hub Set - Sonesidar Excavation Division (Yellorange with Green Visors and White tampo) - $4.00
Hub Set - Sonesidar Defense Force (Gray with Green Visors and White tampo) - $4.00

Axis Joint Set - White - $4.00
Axis Joint Set - Yellorange - $4.00
Axis Joint Set - Gray - $4.00

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set - White with Green accent - $2.00
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set - Yellorange with Green accent - $2.00
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set - Gray with Green accent - $2.00

Mini Blocker Rig - Sonesidar Defense Force (Gray/painted White with Green accents and multiple Green/White tampos) - $20.00

Syclodoc - ????? - $25.00

Onell Discovery Exellis

Onell Design’s February Sneak Peek

Onell February Sneak

Matt from Onell Design has posted up a nice teaser of some of the samples he received from their new February wave. The current projected release date is Friday, February 1st 2013 at 9:30PM EST

These particular color selections pay homage to some of my all time favorite figures from the classic Fisher Price Adventure People line. Can you guess which ones? The detail lines were left off of this run to try and capture that pure "toy" feeling from the old days. Man does that golden orange pop on the pure white! The hue is a close cousin to Glyaxia yellow, with a dash more orange. Some other colors will also be in the mix, with a selection of only certain molds available this time. A full list with specific details will be posted this week.

REVIEW: Onell Design’s Armorvor

Review Onell Armorvor 08


Onell Design released the Armorvor figure to the clamor and approval of Glyos and Battle Beast fans. The concept began with discussions between Matt Doughty and Marty Hansen (The God Beast) about their shared passion for the 1980's toy line – Battle Beasts.

Wanting to produce a character inspired by that line, they were joined by with master sculptor Jason Frailey. Jason added his own spin to Matt's original design, and the trio worked hand-in-hand (not literally) to produce the Armorvor figure.

While there have been several Armorvors released, we'll be taking a look at four of them in this review: Stealth, Verexxan, Spectre, and Neo Nebula.

Review Onell Armorvor 20

The Facts

Series: Glyos System Series
Manufacturer: Onell Design
Artist: Matt Doughty
Sculpted by: Jason Frailey
Material: Injection Molded PVC Plastic
Dimensions: 2.25" tall 
Points of Articulation: 14 points
Designs: Stealth (clear); Verexxan (grey); Spectre (GID); Neo Nebula (purple)
Pricing: $8.00 each

Review Onell Armorvor 15


The Armorvor figures I received were not packaged in their traditional bag and header card format. Apparently, Nathan Newell from the Dork Dimension did the artwork for the header cards. 

Review Onell Armorvor 13

Our Opinion

Back in 1986, Takara released the BeastFormers. A year later, Hasbro released the Battle Beats to those outside of Japan. Each mini figure was shaped like an animal and had a heat sensitive sticker on its chest. You could rub that sticker to find the figure's strength (fire, wood, or water). It was basically like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Onell has payed homage to that sticker with the black square on the front of Armorvor's chest.

Review Onell Armorvor 06

The Armorvor is made up of 17 pieces. That includes three different head options. Actually, the large robotic head can be swung around, letting you get two unique looks out of one head. And these are Glyos joints, so all of the parts are interchangeable with the rest of that enormous universe. If you like, you could throw a Pheyden head on the body.

Review Onell Armorvor 11

The sculpt is a little chunkier than your average Glyos piece. But the Armorvor is just as playable as anything else in their universe. There's a ton of articulation, plus the ability to change things up with some pretty unique heads. Personally, I like the painted wolf head the best. But the floppy eared robotic head is a close second.

Review Onell Armorvor 19

What's not apparent from photos is their playability. They're simply fun to play with. I've had an Armorvor sitting on my end table for a few weeks now, and when my sons aren't stealing them to “play robots”...I'm just twisting it around and messing with its joints. And the best part is that they're only $8.00 each.

Review Onell Armorvor 03

Being a fan of 80's nostalgia, I love seeing artists and companies paying homage to toys of that era. Whether it's the plethora of M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired collectibles or Onell's nod to Battle Beasts, others must also have the same affinity for yesteryear. Now if someone could just release M.A.S.K. inspired toys, I'd be set. (Mobile Armed Strike Command, not Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis. That would freak me out.)

You can pick one up at the following:

Onell Design Store: $8.00 each (they restock with new colorways often)

Review Onell Armorvor Grades
Review Onell Armorvor 02
Review Onell Armorvor 04
Review Onell Armorvor 05
Review Onell Armorvor 07
Review Onell Armorvor 09
Review Onell Armorvor 10
Review Onell Armorvor 12
Review Onell Armorvor 14
Review Onell Armorvor 16
Review Onell Armorvor 17
Review Onell Armorvor 18
Review Onell Armorvor 21

Callgrim Drop Tonight

Callgrim Urballim

Jesse Moore will be dropping a new round of Callgrim figures over at his shop tonight - January 11th 2013 - at 9PM ET. From what it looks like...there might be a silver (Centurion) and gold (Urballim) Callgrim available to purchase. I'm just waiting for some more that smell like Strawberry.

Callgrim Urballim 1
Callgrim Centurion

Council of Travelers Part 2

Onell Design Council 2

The guys over at Onell Design have posted up the second part of their Council of Travelers online comic. You can check it out here. Again...all around great work from Matt, Marc, the whole Onell crew and artist Ralph Niese.

The Council of Travelers

Onell Design Council

Matt, Marc, and Onell Design have posted up the amazing first installment of The Council of Travelers comic. Illustrated by Ralph Niese, it's free to view online here. Very entertaining and worth a read. Now...maybe this will all get printed up and turned into a book/comic...?