481 Universe Custom Drop

There will be a big custom release over at 481 Universe this Friday (May 24th 2013) at 8PM ET. “Some of them include Outlander test shot parts, Armorvor parts, hand … Read More

The Outlander from NiStuff

So Ni (Nicholas) from NiStuff and 481 Universe is showing off the above photo of the first test shot of his Outlander production piece. The Glyos compatible figure look pretty … Read More

Operation: Sonesidar – Onell’s February 1st Drop

Onell Design will be dropping their first release of 2013 tonight (February 1st 2013) at 9:30PM ET. As mentioned before, the old Adventure People line is the main inspiration for … Read More

Onell Design’s February Sneak Peek

Matt from Onell Design has posted up a nice teaser of some of the samples he received from their new February wave. The current projected release date is Friday, February … Read More

REVIEW: Onell Design’s Armorvor

Background Onell Design released the Armorvor figure to the clamor and approval of Glyos and Battle Beast fans. The concept began with discussions between Matt Doughty and Marty Hansen (The … Read More

Callgrim Drop Tonight

Jesse Moore will be dropping a new round of Callgrim figures over at his shop tonight – January 11th 2013 – at 9PM ET. From what it looks like…there might … Read More

Council of Travelers Part 2

The guys over at Onell Design have posted up the second part of their Council of Travelers online comic. You can check it out here. Again…all around great work from … Read More

The Council of Travelers

Matt, Marc, and Onell Design have posted up the amazing first installment of The Council of Travelers comic. Illustrated by Ralph Niese, it’s free to view online here. Very entertaining and … Read More

Onell Design Drop – Tonight

Tonight (12/12/12), Onell Design will be opening up their store for a new round of Glyos goodness. The drop will take place at 9:30PM ET.

Onell’s Next Drop – 12/12/12

Onell Design has planned a big drop for Wednesday December 12th 2012 at 9:30PM ET. Following are some of the items you can look forward to seeing. The Council Of … Read More

Jason Frailey’s Gorilla Head

Jason Frailey has posted a number of photos of his Gorilla head sculpt. The finished sculpt was sent to Marty Hansen (The GodBeast) to mold. The final head will be … Read More

Onell’s November 30th Drop

Matt Doughty has posted this photo of the upcoming light blue metallic wave that will be hitting the Onell shop on Friday November 30th 2012 at 9:30PM ET. I’ve seen … Read More