Onell Stealth Flex Form

Onell Design has announced that The Buildstation will come back to life tonight (Friday, June 14th 2013) at 9:30PM ET.

Here's what Matt has to say about this evening's release:

This release will be a little different than usual, as the majority of the items popping up in the store have been ordered in high amounts, the highest since the original Founders many years ago. All the Clear Colorless (Stealth) figures and parts will appear in the resurrected Buildstation section on Friday night, and hopefully remain there for some time to come. This is an experiment, and hopefully it makes getting stuff for building easier on a regular basis.

There will be some special releases as well, with order limits in place like in the past.

The thing we're most excited to see finally return on Friday is Standard Pheyden! This will be the MK IV version, with a slightly brighter blue and lighter grey PVC. Of course you can't have Standard Pheyden without Reverse Pheyden (literally), so one of my personal old favorites is also back, now as a MK II edition. Both of these figures have been run in higher amounts and should stick around for a while.

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