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SDCC 2007: Neth Creature (Booth #5039)


It appears that J from Neth Creatures is going to add some new sculpts to his line...sorta.  These animals inspired creatures will have antlers and ears and will definitely be a piece you want to keep away from the kids.   Unless you're into broken things...then let them play away!   They also had some new designs, similar to last year...a solid color (black instead of white), a metallic (copper instead of silver) and a flocked (yellow instead of brown).

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2006 SDCC: Neth Creatures


Neth Creatures has 3 SDCC exclusive figures available at their Comic Con booth.  The brown one is flocked and if you pick up the white one...ask J to do some custom work on it.  They also had a 3 different plush characters on display.  They are limited to runs of 100 and are made in conjunction with a town in Peru.  Pretty cool!

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2006 Toy Fair: Neth Creatures


Neth Creatures was in attendance at Toy Fair 2006.  J of Neth Creatures was showing off his first series of 9 figures.  Look for some new, very different things coming from Neth Creatures.  They had some really cool prints on display…but the new project might be a little “softer”.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the amazing artwork that J creates next.


INTERVIEW: J of Neth Creatures

We had a chance to chat with the man behind one of this year's new, hot designer toy lines - Neth Creatures.  It's a very unique collection and one that warrants a lot of attention.


What was the inspiration for the Neth Creatures project?

Honestly, just about every experience of my life has inspired and influenced this project. I get a lot of design inspiration just from traveling around the country and the world, experiencing different designs and different design philosophies. It's also an inspiration to meet people who are out their doing their own thing and are passionate about it. I began working on the figures on the weekends as an escape from my corporate gig. Neth Creatures was my chance to develop something on my own and create something deeply personal. I wanted to do something that wasn't mass market, that wasn't concerned with mass appeal.

Please tell us more about J. ­ the artist.

I basically have used my work experience to refine my aesthetic eye. I think the figures have a good mix of my past experiences in toy, product, graphic and fashion design. I love that I'm continually growing as an artist and I want to continue to show my growth in my new work. I have always been drawing creatures, but they used to be very elaborate in illustration. Over the last few years, I've grown to appreciate design in a very raw, simple form. Lately I have been developing more print and canvas pieces exploring color, patterns and my love for nature and the beauty of simplicity.


Did you do all of the design work and artwork for the 9 Neth Creatures?

Yes, I designed, redesigned, mocked up, changed, reworked and tweaked everything. I never really showed the designs and figures to anybody during the development except for my wife, who is also an artist. I wanted the figures to only be apart of us. I've always felt that too many people giving opinions waters things down.

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REVIEW: Neth Creatures Flora Collection

I completely missed out on seeing the first set of Neth Creatures at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe I was too busy dressing up in my Klingon outfit and waiting in line for my Aeon Flux silk-screened t-shirt.  Whatever it was, I missed out on seeing a very cool art toy…and I have been kicking myself ever since.

Well, lucky for me, the initial series of Neth Creatures was launched last month.  With 9 figures in Series 1, the Nethies have made a pretty big splash.  After being in development for over 2 years, we’ve been blessed with 3 unique figures having 3 different designs: Flora, Natural and Brushed.


Each figure is made up of 5 different pieces.  There is a head and a base that are separated by a metal divider.  The metal diecast ring is where the figure’s arms are secured.  Both the head and the base are made of clear, translucent plastic.  Within this plastic is where the artwork that differentiates the lines in housed.  All of the figures can be disassembled and reassembled with different configurations.

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Neth Creatures – Now Available! I have been waiting for this since Comic Con.  Neth Creatures are now available!  If you missed them in San Diego (like I did), you'll now be able to purchase these ultra cool figures straight from the NC website store.  The website has launched and Series 1 has's a good day!