I completely missed out on seeing the first set of Neth Creatures at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe I was too busy dressing up in my Klingon outfit and waiting in line for my Aeon Flux silk-screened t-shirt.  Whatever it was, I missed out on seeing a very cool art toy…and I have been kicking myself ever since.

Well, lucky for me, the initial series of Neth Creatures was launched last month.  With 9 figures in Series 1, the Nethies have made a pretty big splash.  After being in development for over 2 years, we’ve been blessed with 3 unique figures having 3 different designs: Flora, Natural and Brushed.


Each figure is made up of 5 different pieces.  There is a head and a base that are separated by a metal divider.  The metal diecast ring is where the figure’s arms are secured.  Both the head and the base are made of clear, translucent plastic.  Within this plastic is where the artwork that differentiates the lines in housed.  All of the figures can be disassembled and reassembled with different configurations.

According to the Neth Creatures website, the Natural Collection was
inspired by the natural textures used in home design – wood, mosaic and
marble – and then paired with a modern color.  The Brushed Collection
highlights the beauty and complexity found in the most fundamental
expression of art, a simple brushstroke.  An exploration in chromatic
colors and the artistry of pattern led to the creation of the Flora Collection.  The patterns themselves draw from the twin influences of
Asian folk art and the natural beauty of plant life.

For this review, I was able to get my hands on the Flora set from
Series 1.  These are labeled NC.7, NC.8 and NC.9.  I would have to say
that these are the most ‘artistic’ of the 3 lines.  They each have very
cool, hand drawn designs, while the other 2 sets are based more on


NC.7 stands in at a little over 5 inches in height.  It has a black
and sky blue color scheme and the artwork is contained in the lower
portion of the body.  The floral pattern is Asian based.  It reminds me
of a pattern that might be found on a woman’s outfit.  I really like
the color usage.
Overall Grade: 98%


NC.8 has a warm mix of chocolate brown and burgundy.
Mmm…chocolate.  As you can tell, the arms on this figure are different
from the previous one.  Also, the upper body portion of the figure is
now the larger on the two.  This figure also has a great looking floral
pattern, however it isn’t as colorful as NC.7’s floral design.
However, the black pattern with the sky blue outline accentuates the
deep brown body. 
Overall Grade: 98%


NC.9 has a bright, bold, yellow body with an army green base.  It
stands on two lanky legs and is probably the most equidistant when
comparing the top and bottom portions of the figure.  The yellow head
section is highlighted with a subtle, white floral pattern. 
Overall Grade: 96%

Neth Creatures are the benchmark for art toys.  No fancy, big-named designer…not a platform toy…just a cool
design that can be displayed in anyone’s collection.  Not only can
these figures be displayed in your collection, but Neth Creatures
wouldn’t feel out of place on a mantle or with sculptures or other
pieces of art.

Neth Creatures are currently available through the Neth Creatures
for $20 each.  You can also save $10 if you buy the entire set


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