Mimoco has announced a brand-new character in the UGLYDOLL x MIMOBOT line: the Big Toe MIMOBOT. Available in sizes up to 128GB and in USB 3.0 capabilities, the MIMOBOT USB … Read More

Jar Jar Binks MIMOBOT – No longer an April Fool’s joke

We might have been fooled by the April Fool’s joke Mimoco played on collectors last year. But like a lot of these fake products that get some positive buzz, Mimoco … Read More

The Riddler Mimobot

Mimoco has announced the release of The Riddler Mimobot, the newest DC Comics villain character to be transformed into a Mimobot USB flash drive. The Riddler Mimobot is now available … Read More


Mimoco has announced the BMO Rainbow MIMOBOT, the newest Adventure Time character to be transformed into a MIMOBOT USB flash drive. A limited edition of just 2,000 hand-numbered pieces, the … Read More

My Little Pony x Mimobot

Bronies rejoice! Mimoco has unveiled the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic X Mimobot Series of flash drives, available in up to 128GB as well as USB3.0 speeds. The three … Read More

Legends of MIMOBOT: Presidents’ Day

Mimoco celebrated Presidents’ Day by releasing a pair of USB Flash Drives from their Legends of MIMOBOT collection. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are here to store all of your … Read More

These Mimobots are All Shook Up

Suspicious Minds say that Mimoco had a big announcement at CES 2013. Held In The Ghetto at Heartbreak Hotel, the company decided to Return To Sender… Okay…so Mimoco has released … Read More

Star Trek x MIMOBOT Flash Drives

Mimoco has announced the Star Trek x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection. Available with up to 64GB of data storage, the line comes preloaded with exclusive Star Trek Mimory content … Read More

REVIEW: Finn Adventure Time MIMOBOT

Background If you’ve ever watched Cartoon Network, you’ve probably caught glimpse of the Pendleton Ward created animated series Adventure Time. Featuring Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog),the sometimes awkward … Read More

Uglydoll x MIMOBOT

Mimoco and Pretty Ugly have announced the release of four Uglydoll MIMOBOT flash drive designs: Babo, Ice-Bat, Ox, and Wage. Premiering at New York Comic Con 2012, the flash drives … Read More

MIMOBOT of Death

Mimoco has released the second design from their Legends of MIMOBOT series – the Bruce Lee MIMOBOT. “This battle tested Bruce Lee MIMOBOT has the tiger claw cuts, yellow tracksuit, … Read More

Mass Effect 3 MIMOBOTs

Mimoco has teamed-up with Bioware on an exclusive edition of MIMOBOTs from the Mass Effect 3 video game. While only available for pre-order now, the lineup consists of Liara, Commander … Read More