Mimoco continues to run down their 2013 San Diego Comic Con releases/exclusives. Four of the latest announcements pretty much have the entire gamut of collectors/enthusiasts covered.

Mimoco Star Wars Chewbacca SDCC

There's the Chewbacca Variant Mimobot, featuring C-3PO in pieces strapped to his back. This one is limited to a run of 1,000 pieces.

Mimoco My Little Pony Fan Favorite

Also, the Fan Favorite My Little Pony Mimobot. Bronies rejoice! 850 of you will be able to pick one up.

Mimoco Adventure Time Ice King

The Adventure Time Ice King Mimobot is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. And there are 850 of them available as well.

Mimoco Legends Bruce Lee

Finally, there's the Bruce Lee Variant Mimobot, featuring a cut up Bruce from some film called Enter The Dragon. Obviously, he has been attacked by a magical dragon. It's limited to 400 pieces.

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