Wavedog’s Skate Munny #1

Dan from Wavedog has sent in another piece of work. This is his Skate Munny #1 – part skateboard and part Munny. The board is a backdrop as well as a mantle to display the Munny.

Riot68’s Cyclone Munny

Riot68 has sent us some photos of his Cyclone Munny, matching spraycan and evil 3″ Dunny customs. He recently had Ninja Dunny showcased in the Gee Whizz show…as well as a pic in the latest issue of Clutter. I like…

More Wavedog Customs

Dan from Wavedog has sent word of his series of 5 hand painted custom 3″ Dunnys. They are available exclusively through VinylFixx for $75 each. I’m not sure how this guy keeps coming up with all of these cool designs.