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Matt Doughty of Onell Design has posted up photos of his custom Alien Argus figure that will be on display at Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Show (opening tonight at Toy Art Gallery). Check out what Matt has to say about the design and his process.

Argus is a very intriguing figure to use as custom fodder due to its varied surface sculpting. For some reason the "skin" looked like cooked turkey to me, so I had to follow that line of thinking for the final result (plus a dash of Mother Brain from the end of Super Metroid)! I imagine this Galactic Roaster causing major problems for Glyanauts on deep space exploration missions, blasting them with its Squawker Beam and hitting their equipment with a Dark Meat Kick. I know, this sounds very gross, but you can thank Mark for inspiring such a bogus concept!

The custom itself uses all the parts of the original construction and has been reconfigured using pressure fits. No glue or additional sculpting, just rearranged parts, lots of cutting and a bunch of paint. It adds a good challenge to attempt a custom while limiting the options to execute the piece. I find that I have to think much harder about where to place everything and what to chop. The figure still moves and can actually be disassembled with some twists and pulls.

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