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Ghosts in the Machine


Überbot, the first
store to feature designer toys in the southeastern
United States, is proud to present Ghosts in the Machine
at the beautiful Winter Park Village.  Ghosts in the
Machine is a gallery event that features popular
designers Nakanari and Bloo Empire, their impressive
selection of designer toys, original canvas art, hand
made plush and much more.  Both Nakanari and Bloo Empire
have been tremendously successful with their designer
toy creations and original artwork.  They’ve impressed
art collectors the world over at gallery events with
their incredible custom work.  With Ghosts in the
Machine, these powerhouse designers come together for
the first time to introduce their work to Central
Florida and do their part to help shape the world of
designer toys and urban vinyl.

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Phony-Baloney…feeding you the truth…

SEEN and the folks at Planet6 are proud to announce the launch of Phony-Baloney – a line of 8 law enforcing swine.  Look for these to launch on October 28th at a special Kidrobot San Francisco show.


Here's how the Phony-Baloney website describes the line:

The cast of misfit law enforcing idiotic pigs, otherwise known as Phony-Baloney, consistently find themselves in strange and sometimes unbelievable predicaments. This gang of inept cops are ridiculed daily, and have a hard time gaining respect from the community. Common mishaps include; getting skewed at a pork roast, drunk on duty, or not remembering how the toilet plunger ended up so deeply rooted. It’s no wonder they’ve earned their infamous reputations. And because these bumbling idiots commit screw-ups on a daily basis, you’ll be sure to find them headlining all the local newspapers. Prepare yourself for PHONY-BALONEY where you’re fed the truth about pork!


I-DOG: Interactive Music Companion

Hasbro and Tiger Electronics have introduced a new interactive music pet – I-DOG.  Unlike Medicom’s iKub, which simply holds your iPod, the I-DOG is an interactive toy that works with most portable music devices.


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Kidrobot’s Munny Show

Kidrobot's first customizable figure - Munny - is set to have a HUGE party.  Actually, 3 parties in 3 cities (LA, San Fran and NYC).  November 3rd is your chance to customize your very own Munny - right there at one of the participating galleries.  Now, they won't have dremels and magic sculpt for you hard core customizers, but there will be glitter and markers...

There will also be an auction of Munnys customized by some of your favorite artists.  The party will go towards benefiting children affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Wootini Gallery Opening: Guys and Ghosts

On October 14th, Wootini will be launching their next show - "Guys and Ghosts".

This show features the art of Meredith Dittmar, who hails from
Portland, Oregon.  For 10 Years, Meredith has crafted the 'My Guys'
from polymer clay.  She was featured on HGTV and various other outlets for her talents.  More information about Meredith can me obtained from her website -


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Mars-1 Observer in Black

A new variation of Mars-1 Observer is now available through Mario's online store.  This is a limited edition of 102 pieces.  The figure is black with a tinted dome, and stands approximately 6-inches tall.  Each figure runs $50 (including shipping) and comes in a signed window display box.


The Observers are produced by STRANGEco and are available in black, green, red and grey.  These are one of my favorite figures of the year...these Mars-1 toys are great.

McFarlane’s Corpse Bride Figures

Over this past weekend, I went to the movies to see Tim Burton's latest flick - Corpse Bride.  If you're a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll be mesmerized with the visual advances the past 12 years have blessed us with.  The film was actually shot using Canon SLR digital cameras and edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro.  Pretty Amazing!


McFarlane Toys was able to secure this license and showed us a sneak preview of the line at Comic Con.  Over the next few weeks, however, Corpse Bride toys should start hitting retailers shelves. This is probably the best transition from big screen to toy that I have ever seen.  The characters in the film were basically two foot tall toys that were manipulated for the stop motion feature, so sculptors had that advantage.

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Misfits of Nakanari Prototypes

Nakanari (a.k.a. Tony Shiau) sent us photos of his latest creation.  His Misfits of Nakanari prototypes are going to make fans of his Funny Club Misfits drool.  They are the same characters (Naka and Nari) just a completely new figure style.


We're not sure who these toys will be produced by yet, so if you're interested...get in touch with Tony.  Look forward to seeing these figures in the future.


CONTEST: Win a Napster Kitty Beanie and Yaboo Book

Thanks to Art Asylum, we have some very cool prizes to give away: a Napster Kitty Summer Tour 2005 beanie and a copy of Clive Barker's Yaboo book from the Jump Tribe series.  Check out the photos so you know what you'll be receiving.


A random winner will be chosen from those who post under the comments area by 11:59 pm on October 8th.  You must post a comment underneath this thread about what your "guilty pleasure song" is.  This is a song you know you shouldn't like, but for some do.  So whether it's (I've Had) The Time of My Life or Dancing on the Ceiling, let us know what your song is and you'll be entered in this contest!  That's the only way you'll be entered - you have to post a song!

REVIEW: Yaboo and Napster Kitty

Art Asylum had a number of exclusives available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Among the exclusives were two brand new lines – Jump Tribe and Napster.  We’re going to be reviewing both of the exclusive plush dolls that were introduced to us way back in July.


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