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REVIEW: Zelly – The Monster of Envy


Artist and author, Andi Green has produced seven books detailing the journeys of The WorryWoo Monsters. Each one of those books details a different emotion that kids have to deal with. We’ve seen confusion, insecurity, frustration…and the latest emotion is envy.

Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING… especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clothes to his toys, he’s never content with what he has. His demanding “Mine, mine, mine” attitude is affecting everyone and turning him green with envy. If only he could be a king—then he’d have it all… or would he? Follow Zelly on a personal journey that teaches him about expectations and, ultimately, appreciation.


The story of Zelly - The Monster of Envy is entitled The Monster Who Wanted It All. The 72-page book is available solo or as part of a combo (with the plush Zelly). All of Andi’s books have a unique look, as they’ve been illustrated with pen, ink, and watercolor. The style of hand-illustration makes the series memorable in kids’ eyes.

I read the story of Zelly to my five-year-old son about a month ago and he still remembers the gist of the book. And there’s, obviously, social and emotional development aspects behind every WorryWoo Monster tale.

The accompanying plush Zelly measures in around 11 inches in height. It’s a pretty good likeness of the illustration Zelly. As I’ve said in the past, the WorryWoos are drawn in such a way that producing a plush toy that’s the exact version of the illustrated character would be next to impossible. That plush would be a large head with a tiny body and probably wouldn’t be anything a child could play with…and it definitely wouldn’t be able to sit on a shelf.


The Facts

Zelly – The Monster of Envy
Series: WorryWoo Monsters
Manufacturer: Monsters In My Head LLC
Artist: Andi Green
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 11 inches tall
Pricing: $36.00 (plush and book)

You can pick one up at the following: $36.00 (plush and book combo)


Zelly, The Monster of Envy


Monsters In My Head, LLC has announce that on September 25th 2015, they will release a new character to the WorryWoo Monsters series - Zelly, The Monster of Envy. From artist and author Andi GreenThe Monster Who Wanted It All is a 72 page long story featuring hand illustrations (pen and watercolors). Also, the 11-inch tall Zelly plush will be available to purchase. Pre-Orders are currently being accepted via the above link. The book runs $14.99 and the plush runs $21.50.

Zelly, the Monster of Envy is never happy with what he has. He becomes so focused on what others have that he doesn’t notice what is right in front of him: good friends, lots of love and tons of attention. What Zelly needs is someone to teach him the ABCs of appreciation. You can begin by explaining how caring and sharing are related. Then introduce Zelly to someone you care for and share his story with them! 


Woosical, Jr. debuts at the NYNW Theater Festival


From the Worry Woo Monsters...Rue, The Monster of Insecurity will take center stage as Woosical, Jr. debuts at the NYNW Theater Festival. Based on the WorryWoos Series, created by Andi Green, the new abridged Woosical Jr. will take place at the Times Square Arts Center on August 27th 2014 at 7PM. The thirty-minute production written by Kristen Tuminello and Kelley Birney features the dynamic music of Jay Tuminello.

About Woosical Jr.

Meet Rue, The Monster of Insecurity and the main character of the award-winning storybook, The Nose That Didn't Fit. He is a forlorn, loveable monster who is always searching for ways to hide what he thinks is a very BIG problem... his NOSE. After trying just about everything to change his looks, Rue makes what he thinks is a good decision. But is it? With the help of a tap dancing worm and a mystery lady, Rue comes to terms with who he is and what he has to offer. Follow Rue in this heart-warming musical as he learns the importance of loving himself just the way he is.

WorryWoo Monsters – Zelly Preview

Worry Woo Zelly

Andi Green of WorryWoo Monster fame has revealed a preview image of the upcoming WorryWoo plush - Zelly. Zelly, The Monster of Envy, is slated to be released (along with an accompanying book) in 2015.

World Premiere of Woosical The Musical

Woosical the Musical

Andi Green's Worry Woo Monsters will be premiering Woosical The Musical at Lee High School is Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday September 21st 2013 from 1PM to 4PM. Tickets are available for students ($8.00) and adults ($10.00).

Monsters of Emotions adapted into a Woosical

Worry Woos Woosical

Andi Green, creator of the award-winning series The WorryWoo Monsters, announced that rumors of a WorryWoo Musical are true. Green has signed a contract with seasoned theater pros Kristen Tumminello (musical theatre instructor, AL) , Kelley Birney (Actress/ Writer, CA) and Jay Tumminello (NY based Composer/Arranger) to create and produce the first Woosical.

"They have written an unbelievable script with a dream come true musical score" says Green. "I have always thought about bringing the WorryWoos to life, and what they put together already goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined!"

The Woosical will debut in workshops throughout Summer 2013 and production dates are anticipated to begin mid 2014.

Wince, Don’t Feed The Worrybug App

The Wince, Don't Feed The Worrybug App is slated to be released on December 6th 2012. WorryWoo creator Andi Green has teamed up with iMagineMachine to bring you the first ever digital WorryWoo storybook. The app "has dedicated interactivity, a rhyming story & stunning animation. It also includes a "Record and feed me your Worries" feature - why not feed a virtual WorryBug instead of your own!"

Be Frustrated No More…Twitch Has Arrived

Worry Woo Twitch Release

Andi Green's latest Worry Woo Monster plush has been officially released. You can now order Twitch - The Monster of Frustration - plush for $21.50. Or you can pick up the plush and the nearly essential book for $36.00.

WorryWoo Monster Celebration in Jersey City

WorryWoos Party

Andi Green will officially release the newest WorryWoo - Twitch, The Monster of Frustration - at a special launch part on October 27th 2012. His book, The Very Frustrated Monster, hits stores October 25th and his plush character and book will arrive at MXYPLYZYK in Jersey City for a special launch party. Andi will be there for a reading and book signing with tasty treats, a Color-a-Woo contest and a few surprise guests. The festivities begin at 1:00PM and are suitable for all ages. RSVP's are suggested as space is limited and can be done via email at or via phone at 551-200-6268.

308 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

REVIEW: WorryWoo Monsters – Twitch

Worry Woos Twitch 560


Andi Green, the author and artist behind The WorryWoo Monsters' series of books, has released her latest WorryWoo plush – Twitch. Twitch, The Monster of Frustration, jumps right off of the pages of The Very Frustrated Monster.

Twitch the adorable curly horned monster always lets frustration get the better of him. He tries hard to do everything right, but when something doesn’t go his way he stomps, yells and quickly gives up! If only Twitch could see that giving up is not the answer. Maybe you can offer Twitch some positive ways to deal with his frustration.

Worry Woos Twitch 02

The Facts

Series: WorryWoo Monsters
Manufacturer: Monsters In My Head
Artist: Andi Green
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 18” tall (15” tall when seated)
Pricing: $21.50

Worry Woos Twitch 06


The Twitch plush includes the general series swing tag that features “The WorryWoos” characters illustrated on the front. It also includes a Twitch specific bookmark that features a plush toy theme on one side and and illustration character description on the other side.

Worry Woos Twitch 04

Our Opinion

Twitch is the seventh WorryWoo Monster to be released as a plush toy. Each one has been taken straight from the pages of one of Andi Green's six illustrated books.

It's always been very difficult to compare the plush WorryWoos to Andi's illustrated versions. The characters in her illustrated books feature distorted proportions, such as very large heads and thin necks. Those elements wouldn't work for a plush...unless you like a floppy headed toy. But they still need to stay as close to the source material as possible.

Worry Woos Twitch 05

The Twitch plush features big ol' eyes, yellow horns, yellow and blue hair, and blue wings.  All of that against a light purple plush body. If you have any of the other WorryWoo Monsters, you'll notice a few similarities. The feet feature those long talons...or maybe they're just unkept toenails. And there is that famous WorryWoo belly button.

Worry Woos Twitch 08

The Twitch plush ranks right up there with my favorites of the WorryWoo line. Not only is it colorful, but it's one of the better transitioned characters (although the neck had to be thickened up a little). Of course, if you like the Twitch'll definitely like the book. It will let you get out some of your frustrations.

You can purchase one at the following: $21.50

Worry Woos Twitch Grades
Worry Woos Twitch 07
Worry Woos Twitch 03
Worry Woos Twitch 01