Artist and author, Andi Green has produced seven books detailing the journeys of The WorryWoo Monsters. Each one of those books details a different emotion that kids have to deal with. We’ve seen confusion, insecurity, frustration…and the latest emotion is envy.

Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING… especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clothes to his toys, he’s never content with what he has. His demanding “Mine, mine, mine” attitude is affecting everyone and turning him green with envy. If only he could be a king—then he’d have it all… or would he? Follow Zelly on a personal journey that teaches him about expectations and, ultimately, appreciation.


The story of Zelly - The Monster of Envy is entitled The Monster Who Wanted It All. The 72-page book is available solo or as part of a combo (with the plush Zelly). All of Andi’s books have a unique look, as they’ve been illustrated with pen, ink, and watercolor. The style of hand-illustration makes the series memorable in kids’ eyes.

I read the story of Zelly to my five-year-old son about a month ago and he still remembers the gist of the book. And there’s, obviously, social and emotional development aspects behind every WorryWoo Monster tale.

The accompanying plush Zelly measures in around 11 inches in height. It’s a pretty good likeness of the illustration Zelly. As I’ve said in the past, the WorryWoos are drawn in such a way that producing a plush toy that’s the exact version of the illustrated character would be next to impossible. That plush would be a large head with a tiny body and probably wouldn’t be anything a child could play with…and it definitely wouldn’t be able to sit on a shelf.


The Facts

Zelly – The Monster of Envy
Series: WorryWoo Monsters
Manufacturer: Monsters In My Head LLC
Artist: Andi Green
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 11 inches tall
Pricing: $36.00 (plush and book)

You can pick one up at the following:

WorryWoos.com: $36.00 (plush and book combo)


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