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Jamous’ New Plush Collection


Fans of doudoupop and French designer Jamous shall rejoice!  A new collection of mini plushies (about 4" in height) have been released in time for spring.  The characters are referred to as octopus aliens and bunny octopus aliens (they are the ones with the ears).  Currently, the line is not being distributed.  So if you are interested in picking one up, you'll need to contact Jamous directly.


Sam Flores’ Fatima


Upper Playground, Sam Flores and Ningyoushi collaborate on a specialty collection for the vinyl figure, Fatima. Fatima is the ominously beautiful female character in Sam Flores’ paintings.

Fatima is available in two styles: Green with a tiger print dress and pink with a dragon print dress and floral headdress. Each figure measures eight inches tall and is packaged in a collectible window display box. Each is limited to 450 pieces.

Sket One’s Ci Boys


We've been waiting for Sket One's series of Ci Boys characters for close to a year now.  They have finally been released and look to be well worth the wait.  You'll see a number of retro characters from the 1980's included in this set - Big Boy, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Tron, and more!

Dark Queens and Lords Contest


This month the contest at is a WINNER'S CHOICE.  The lucky winner can choose their prize from the following:

Krypt Kiddies Victory and Blitz Set (When Released)
Little Apple Dolls Series 3 Set of 5
Living Dead Dollies - Series 2 Set (When Released)
Mad L Artist Series 1 Set (When Released)
Series 1 Hanpanda Kingdom Set of 2 - Nyanpan and Usapan
Series 2 Teddy Scares Set (When Released)

Entering is very easy.  All you have to do is visit the site and click on MONTHLY GIVEAWAY to find out how! The giveaway is open worldwide.

All of the above items are also now in stock or available for preorder…if you don't happen to win the contest.

Silent Stalkers show at Wootini


The opening reception of the Silent Stalkers gallery show will be April 14th (7pm - 12am) at Wootini in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro. The Circus Posterus Collective is an artist and designer collective that includes the following artists: Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Rob Schwager, and Brandon Dunlap.

Swarmy Weather Exhibit Online


Wootini has now put the Swarmy Weather Gallery Exhibit (featuring Attaboy and Annie Owens) online for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.  The pieces range in price from $30 to $450 - depending on what you fancy.  There are paintings, skate decks and Atta's new Floating Submerged postcard book.

Down to the Sweet Sixteen!


Our March Madness Toy Artist Tourney is now down to the Sweet 16.  One of these artists will walk away with the prize of Toy Artist of 2006.  Voting for the new round will begin tonight and last until 12:01 AM EST on Tuesday March 28thBe sure to vote in the entire bracket!

Sasquatch Prototype


If you've been waiting for some new Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo (IWG)'re in luck!  Here is a photo of the Sasquatch prototype from Rocket World.  I definitely like the detailed chainsaw accessory.  The plan is for the saw to be orange and silver.  The actual figure will be tan skinned with brown hair.

The Sasquatch will be released around the same time as his companion - Yeti.  She will not have the soul patch (and she'll have noticeable nipples).  O my!

Fullmetal Alchemist


If you watch Cartoon Network's Adult Swim , you've probably seenthe English dubbed version of the anime hit - Fullmetal Alchemist.  Now, Southern Island is creating 6" to 8" action figures of four of the main figures - Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Gluttony and Lust.  These should be available in quarter 2 or 3.

Here is more information of the show - straight from the Adult Swim site:

Edward and Alphonse Elric are gifted in the art of alchemy, but they soon learn limits when they attempt to resurrect their mother.  This costs Edward an arm and a leg and takes the entire body of his brother, Al, who is now bound to a huge suit of armor.  Outfitted with new metal limbs, Ed and Al set out to find the Philosopher’s Stone, the only thing that can restore them.

P&P in Entertainment Weekly!?!

That's right, folks!  J Neth from Neth Creatures forwarded me a copy of a snippet from Entertainment Weekly...yes...the magazine.  We were mentioned in a write-up about Art Toys - specifically Neth Creatures.  It's in the Listen to This section of the March 24th issue.  Check it out!