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REVIEW: Toxic Teddies + Ramones

Those twisted guys behind the Toxic Teddies line of disturbing bears have gotten a hold of a rockin’ license – The Ramones.  That’s right…Joey, Johnny, Marky and Dee Dee have been transformed into punk rockin’ little bears.


Super Fun Company
has been known to push the envelope when it comes to their Toxic Teddies.  Blood and gore has been the norm…however they have now released their spray painting SEEN teddies as well as this new Ramones set.  We still enjoy teddy bears with their brains blown out, but it’s equally cool to see the line expanding.

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Hi Fructose Issue 2: Sneak Peek


Hi Fructose Magazine is giving readers a little sneak peek at their second issue.  And when I say little...I mean it.  Unless you have amazing vision, you won't be able to read the articles from our photos.  But trust will be worth picking up.  It looks like the content will be very cool as well:  Blythe, Jeff Soto, Biskup.  One of the best toy magazines available on the market.


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Peary is one Bloody Bear


Rocket World has created an exclusive bloody polar bear...exclusive to Kidrobot.  This is a limited edition addition to the Insurgents Wilderness GruppoPeary is an extra bloody polar bear (he looks a lot like Titus) and limited to only 100 pieces.  He is 7 inches tall, so it's the normal vinyl figure and not a member of the mini figure line.  It looks like Peary got into some tomato sauce...but that's actually human blood (I like the smeared handprint).

Insurgents Minis


We were able to snag some photos of the new line of Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G.) figures from Rocket World.  Check out the nice somewhat resembles the original line...just a little more colorful.  You can also see that every I.W.G. mini comes packaged with a special skull and crossbones that is specified to the characters weapon damage.  For more info, visit Rocket World or STRANGEco's websites.


Another Shot of Tequilla


If you read Vinyl Pulse, you know that they have been doing a great job following the production of Tequilla.  Tequila is the first in a series of rotocast vinyl figures to be released by Muttpop. The first run of figures will have three variations of this beautifully designed Lucha Libre character (Original, Extra Spicy, Raw) and includes a rotating head and removable soft vinyl poncho.

Look for the Original Version (700 pieces) to retail around $60 each and for the Extra Spicy Version (250 pieces) to retail for around $75 apiece.


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Welcome to Sherman Oaks…


David Horvath has something up his sleeve...unless he is wearing short sleeves. Newly added to David's site is this little illustration about a couple of silly reindeer with the phrase "Coming Soon".  We'll surely be looking for any info about this line and pass it on to you then!

Here is what we know:

The story is about 3 little reindeer that ditch the North Pole and move to Sherman Oaks, California to attend Gamers College.

New Addition to Blokhedz Lineup


From the makers of Blokhedz (Essence and Vulture), the latest collectible figure is set to launch near the end of this year. The collectible BLAK explodes on the
scene with three different removable hands, lion's head medallion and
fitted cap. Empire city's greatest MC, just for you.

Wootini Presents Angel Devil and Sam Fout


Wootini presents A.D. Puchalski (AngelDevil) and Sam Fout on Friday, November 11th, from 7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro.  Original watercolors, prints, one-a-kind sculptures, installation pieces and more, along with refreshments and music from Family. Show runs through December 5th.


MAD and Rotofugi Hoodie


MAD and Rotofugi have teamed up on a very cool hoodie design.  Look for this sweatshirt to hit Rotofugi in 2 to 3 weeks - just in time for the winter chill.  No price yet...but keep your eyes peeled.

IWG Minis Pre-Order


Rocket World now has the entire line of Insurents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) mini figures up for pre-order.  They are just shrunken down replicas of the original vinyl toys.  Each figure is also selling for less than $10.  If you enjoyed the original IWG line, you'll love the IWG minis.