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Nathan Hamill’s Strife and Sire “Super Soldier” Edition

3DRetro Hamill SDCC Strife Sire 1

3DRetro has announced another 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Strife and Sire - the Super Soldier Edition, designed by artist Nathan Hamill, will be available at Booth #5051. The 7-inch tall vinyl will be limited to 50 pieces, each retailing for $50.00.

And Nathan Hamill will be at the 3DRetro booth to sign this figure on Saturday July 20th 2013 at 2PM.

3DRetro Hamill SDCC Strife Sire 2

SDCC13: DKE – Infected Labbit


DKE Toys latest 2013 San Diego Comic Con release announcement is the Infected Labbit by Scott Wilkowski x Frank Kozik. It will be available in two colors - purple and orange - and will be made of clear colored resin, with Scott's signature skeleton peaking out from within. There will be 75 pieces of each color available, selling for $150.00 each.

3DRetro x Nathan Hamill – Octopup (Cherry Pup)

3DRetro Nathan Hamill Cherry Pup

Today (June 25th 2013) at 1PM PT, 3DRetro will be releasing their first Japanese vinyl figures with Nathan Hamill. Octopup is the newest character from Nathan and this little guy will be coming out every month in a different color in extremely limited edition.

The very first edition - Cherry Pup - is being released on Nathan's birthday and is a clear cherry candy flavor-way in honor of that fact that June is National Candy Month. The 2"tall figure will retail for $10.00 each.

Blurnle – Suity-Chan and Kowaiila Customs

Blurble Suity Can

HintsandSpices and Blurble have collaborated on two new vinyl toys - Suity-Chan (mermaid) and Kowaiila. These were both created by Shane Haddy, under the mentorship of SUNGUTS, during his 3 month 'Sofubi study tour' in Tokyo at the beginning of the year.

Both have been customized by Blurble and will be for sale this coming Wednesday June 26th 2013 at Noon PT for $40.00 each (limited to only 5 pieces of each).

Blurble Kowaiila

Argonaut Resins and Small Angry Monster Releases

Argonaut Machines Tuttz 1
Argonaut Machines Tuttz 2

Argonaut Resins and Small Angry Monster are back with some new custom resins featuring the "Machine Cat" Tuttz Mini, "Machine Dog" Pharaoh Hound Mini and the Sucio "Machine Mouse" designs. This is wave one in a series of colorways they have planned for the all new Machine styled resins.

Argonaut Cursed 8inch Tuttz 2

Also available from the pair will be the Cursed 8-inch Tuttz customs. Each Cursed cat will come with a sand encrusted custom painted body along with a custom hand painted matching stone textured box packaging.

These new figures will be releasing on Wednesday June 26th 2013 at 8PM ET in the Argonaut Resins online store.

Argonaut Cursed 8inch Tuttz 1

Taylored Curiosities – Keeper of the Beach

Taylored Curiosities Keeper of the Beach Morrow 1

The Keeper of the Beach,
Is a lonely old soul,
She spends most of her day,
On a long, slow, stroll.
Her head is full of water,
Which she's trying not to spill,
But the Morrow keeps her company,
And provides her with good will.

Taylored Curiosities Keeper of the Beach Morrow 3

Penny from Taylored Curiosities has combined a 4″ DIY Kidrobot Munny, sewing, original resin toys, sculpting, and up-cycling with painting and needle felting to create this one of a kind creature - Keeper of the Beach.

The Keeper is currently available from the Taylored Curiosities online store for £80.00 (around $123).

Taylored Curiosities Keeper of the Beach Morrow 2

San Diego Ji Ja 2013 by mr clement

DKE SDCC mr clement

DKE Toys has revealed yet another 2013 San Diego Comic Con release - the San Diego Ji Ja 2013 by mr clement. This edition is limited to 50 pieces. Each piece is hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist. And you'll be able to grab one for $45.00 each.

I and MGH! from Patient No.6

Patient No6 Giraffe 3
Patient No6 Giraffe 2

Patient No.6's new mini figure is named I and MGH! (I and My Giraffe Head!). The 5.5-inch figure is now available for pre-orders, running $36.00 (includes free shipping). A limited edition of 26 pieces, each one comes packaged in wood box.

Patient No6 Giraffe 1
Patient No6 Giraffe 4

Man of Steal Print

Man of Steal Print

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap… wait, that's not the Man of Steel, it's that dastardly Hoodley as the "Man of Steal"!

The Big Payoff print series by Soujohn (co-founder of Mai Hiro) continues with the Man of Steal. The 9" x 12" print is available at Hoodley's Stash Spot for $15.00.

Paul Shih’s iPhone 5 Cases

Paul Shih iPhone5 Cases 1

Paul Shih has released a series of iPhone 5 case designs. He collaborated with a mobile accessory company called COOP, and they feature designs based on some of Paul's toy characters: PANDARA, Sushi Kaiju, and Hollow Threat patterns.

Each iPhone5 case includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and can be purchased for $19.00.

Paul Shih iPhone5 Cases 2