Gergle Bloodstained Edition

Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys is sharing his latest toy release, a 7.5-inch resin sculpture of a zombie baby named “Gergle”. It’s based on a series of “weird horror art … Read More

The Grim Brim

If you missed C2E2, Kyle Thye and company have released The Grim Brim, a collaborative 2″ tall figure from Gabe Barragan (concept), Kyle Thye (sculpt), and THE GODBEAST (Prototype). They … Read More

Skate Diamond Ninja Custom

Tony Gil has shared his latest custom (also his latest MUNNYMUNTH entry). The “Skate Diamond Ninja” is perfectly balanced on one hand. He will likely go up for sale over … Read More

Plaseebo’s The Abominable Snowman and Son

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) will be releasing a new custom vinyl mash-up set built from Molezilla, Night Gamer and Grody En-Man parts (as well as inset eyes). This is a one … Read More

Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party Releases

As part of Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party at the Fleet River Bakery in London, Holly will be releasing the Cherry Chocolate Cupcake-vey and Vinyl Cake-vey. The Cherry Chocolate Cupcake-vey is … Read More

Tenacious Toys’ Resin Tri-Color Blue Greads

This Sunday, May 26th 2013, at 10AM EST, Tenacious Toys will be releasing another colorway of the Dead Hand Toys’ Gread resin figure. Poured in 3 different colors of blue … Read More

Candy Pink and Midnight Back Vinyl Caveys

The Candy Pink and Midnight Back Vinyl Caveys will debut at Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party, taking place on May 31st 2013 in London. If you won’t be there, or just … Read More

Disney POP! Series 5

Funko has announced the new Disney POP! Series 5. This one includes 12 characters from a number of different Disney films. Included in this series are: • Carl and Russell … Read More

It was an honor being nominated…

So we’ve been nominated over at the Designer Toy Awards under the Best Blog section (thanks, Mom!). We’re up against some stiff competition (I’m so out of the loop, I … Read More

Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT

Mimoco, under license by CBS Consumer Products, has announced the second installment in the Star Trek x MIMOBOT Series. The Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT has been released in a limited edition … Read More

Emily Bee takes on the Obots

Emily Bee is showing off a sneak peek at her first OBots design. These are the new 2-inch tall resin toy produced by Argonaut Resins and Carbon Fibre Media.  Each … Read More

Lunartik AP Art Hustle Card Set

Matt JOnes (Lunartik) is releasing his AP Art Hustle Card Set. Cards include: – AP Artist Card – Comes Signed – AP Art Card featuring “Toxic Pumpkin Tea” from 2011 … Read More