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The Disarticulators have a new release scheduled for this Friday, May 31st 2013, at 9PM London Time (4PM ET) on the Man-E-Toys store.

The Disarticulators' Weirdos in Space: Wave 1 utilizes Tru:Tek’s recently released Bio-Drone ship sculpt. The ongoing series is set to feature a number of different ‘mini pilots’ from some of the art toy scene’s finest. The first come in the form of Rampage Toy‘s Cupcake Lucha and Blurble‘s Gusto.

Hand cast by Tru:Tek in a flexible keshi-style rubber, the 4-part figures will be available in a multitude of randomly assorted, one-off color combinations. They're limited to 10 pieces of each design. And you can purchase one - when the time is right - for $24.00 plus shipping.

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