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Paper PawPals

zakane pawpals 2

Zakane (Justus Product) has released his newest paper toy creation - PawPals. Currently there are two designs available, one is named Rusty and the other is a Xmas special. Each PawPal comes with their personal food tray and a juicy bone.

zakane pawpals 1

The Sucklord’s Work Of Art Judges

sucklord art critic

The Sucklord continues his Work of Art inspired handmade resin figure line. He's released three different options for those of you who tuned into the Bravo series.

The Important Art Critic is the best art critic ever - Jerry Saltz. This Suckadelic figure will be available for $125.00.

sucklord jerry gid

The Sucklord's favorite judge and art critic, Jerry Saltz, is also available in a Jerry Saltz: Glo-In-The-Dark version. This figure can be purchased for $75.00.

sucklord woa pack

Finally, the Work of Art: Judges 3-Pack is a Super Limited Tribute to the Greatest Reality Show of all time. The package measures 13" high and comes with 3 of the raddest judges ever. With the set, you get a bonus head (of the last judge) that you can put on your very own action figure bodies. Pick up the set for $275.00.

Due to high demand and limited Supply, please expect up to four weeks delivery.

Andy the MK2 Square Release

3A Andy

3A Toys has announced the release details for Andy the MK2 Square. The figure goes on sale on Saturday December 24th 2011 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (8:00PM EST on Friday). The Square will cost $65.00, which includes a signed 12"x12" exclusive Ashley Wood print and worldwide shipping. It's only available at Bambalandstore.

Gragon and Softy Uglydolls

uglydolls gragon

Pretty Ugly has announced two new Uglydolls that will be released in January/February of 2012. You'll be able to start out the new year with Gragon (shown above) and Softy (below).

uglydolls softy


Boutiqueoeuff B6

Back in 2006, Brian "B6" tried to produce his own toy vinyl figure named "Boutiqueoeuff". Later that year, he learned that producing a figure was not as easy as he expected and ultimately never had the figures produced. He used the samples that he received and customized them.

Now you can check out all of these egg-shaped Boutiqueoeuff figures via Brian's website. They're actually really fun to look at. See if you can determine the influences of each custom before you click on the image.

Full Color Sametan

koji sametan

Cometdebris has released their first full color Sametan soft vinyl figure. This version features full color details and is unique in that it consists of two different color vinyl parts (a grey vinyl body and blue vinyl jeans). Each figure is hand painted by Koji at Cometdebris Headquarters in Tokyo.

A portion of Sametan's sales will benefit PangeaSeed and their efforts to bring awareness to the plight of sharks worldwide. Sametan is available now in the Cometdebris online store for $45.00. Figures will ship in January 2012.

Viktor Krum Tonner Character Figure

tonner viktor krum 1

Tonner Doll Co. has revealed photos of their Viktor Krum Tonner Character Figure. From their Harry Potter series, this 19" tall figure is a limited edition of 300 pieces. It's currently available to reserve for $249.99.

tonner viktor krum 2
tonner viktor krum 3

Occupy Cybertron Trading Cards

suckadelic occupy pack

Those new Occupy Cybertron Trading Cards that The Sucklord debuted a few weeks back are now available in the SUCKSTORE. This is a mini-series of just 6 cards. Too bad only 5 come in the packs. Pick up a single pack for $10.00.

Crystal Chi Turtum Micci Restock

esc turtum micci

ESC-Toy has decided to make a small batch of Crystal Chi Turtum Micci resin figures available this week for those that missed this release at NYCC. They will retail for $19.99 (I picked one up at the Con...well worth it).

The Walking Dead TV Series 1

mcfarlane rick grimes
mcfarlane daryl dixon

McFarlane Toys has released their newest line of figures from AMC's The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead TV Series 1 consists of four different characters: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Zombie Walker, and Zombie Biter. Remember, these figures are based on the television series. McFarlane has also released a series of figures based on the comic book series.

mcfarlane zombie walker
mcfarlane zombie biter