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REVIEW: Kabbalah Dolls – Sanoi

Background FAO Schwarz teamed up with Israeli designer Ken Goldman to produce a line of plush Kabbalah Dolls. The line is based on ancient Kabbalistic amulets that were hung over children’s beds for protection. There are currently three different designs:...

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DKE Toys, Plush!

Doolie Box by Anna Chambers

TooBaa Doolie is the first character released from Anna Chambers' Doolie Box gang. The Doolie Boxes are plush stackable, hugable blocks. They are made of soft fleece and terry cloth and the included hang tag can double as a coaster....

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BEit Dude Sculpts

Here are a few new pre-production sculpt photos of the BEit Dude figure from Kicktoys. There's a knight, a cowboy with a microphone...I'm just wondering where are the construction worker and Indian...??

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DKE Toys, ESC-Toy

Dookie Poo Vinyl

Chaotic Unicorn presents Manny Galan's Dookie-Poo in vinyl. Yes, you might remember those wonderful little plush characters, but the ground burrowing Elfchidna from Pooville is now made to stand on your shelf. The figure is approximately 4" in height and...

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Background Sideshow Collectibles currently distributes the Medicom line of Star Wars Vinyl Collectible Dolls (VCD). The most recent release was the super-deformed version of everyone’s favorite protocol droid…C-3PO. As you might already know, the character (played by Anthony Daniels) was...

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Uglydolls Live

Friday night gave Uglydoll fans another chance to chat live with David Horvath. David showed off a number of new products, including the vinyl kaiju figures and t-shirts. One of the special versions of the Wage Kaiju Vinyl (from intheyellow)...

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October Toys

Toy Break Episode 31: Flavors

Toy Break Episode 31, entitled Flavors, brings collectors an up close look at some of the newest available products. And if the above image doesn't make you want to watch...I don't know what else I can say to entice you....

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Onell Design, Toy Reviews

REVIEW: Glyos System – Crayboth

Background Onell Design recently released the newest character from their Glyos System series line…Crayboth. The new mini figure is available in 10 different colorways, being sold in 5 separate two packs. The character joins Exellis and Pheyden as the first...

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Tokidoki mimobot Series

Renowned Italian artist Simone Legno’s Tokidoki brand is crossing over to the consumer tech world with today’s announcement of the Tokidoki mimobot® collection of designer USB flash drives. The latest entry into the mimobot Artist Series should become available on...

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Keeping Up With The Joneses

"Take A Break" & "The Self" exhibitions feature works from Matt Jones aka Lunartik is taking place at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD). The shows are open to the viewing public through April 8th. Exploring themes of...

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