FAO Schwarz teamed up with Israeli designer Ken Goldman to produce a line of plush Kabbalah Dolls.  The line is based on ancient Kabbalistic amulets that were hung over children’s beds for protection.

There are currently three different designs:  Sanoi (green velour), Sansoni (blue sheepskin) and Samonglif (orange plush).  But for purposes of this review, we’ll only be looking at Sanoi.



Since these are produced by FAO, you’ll probably find these shipped in a box to your house or on a shelf in one of their stores.  While not in any packaging, each plush does have a tag with a background description.


The Figure

The Sanoi plush is approximately 11” tall by 9” wide by 2” deep.  Made
of very soft velour fabric, the design resembles a large, green bird.
You can tell that there is some ancient, mystical significance to the
design.  It bears a striking similarity to ancient Egyptian
hieroglyphic writings.


Our Opinion

While there is a religious significance to these characters, you don’t
have to be practicing Kabbalah in order to appreciate the designs.  The
characters are very unique.  (I do not know of any other plush line
that uses Kabbalistic amulets as the basis for its characters.)

It’s interesting that FAO Schwarz chose to pick up Ken Goldman’s line
to produce as their own exclusives.  But then they reduced the price on
Sansoni and Samonglif from $15 down to $2.99!  For a plush that’s close
to a foot in height?

You can pick one up at the following:

FAO Schwarz: Sanoi - $6.99 (Out of stock)  Sansoni and Samonglif - $2.99

Sanoi Grades:

Quality: 7/10
Stitching: 8/10
Packaging: N/A
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 6/10
Fun Factor: 7/10
Value: 10/10
Overall: 7.4/10



Have this figure?  What do you rate it?

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