The GodBeast’s NYCC 2012 Exclusive Monster Kolor Clawshine

Marty Hansen (The GodBeast) has announced his NYCC 2012 Exclusive Monster Kolor Clawshine run. The run of 25 pieces has been painted by “mikemz”. You can pick one of the … Read More

Sea-Borg Gold

MonsterPants is introducing the Sea-Borg Gold resin figure. Armed with a battle hammer, the figure is handmade by filmmaker James Felix McKenney. Sea-Borg Gold will be released at New York … Read More

MadKnits NYCC Exclusive – Wiley

MadKnits will be at New York Comic Con in “The Block” at Booth #3322. They’ll be bringing a NYCC exclusive monster named Wiley, who was “a visual technician expert aboard … Read More

Dudebox x Pete Fowler – Dai Ocean

Dudebox has announced the first figure from Pete Fowler’s ‘Design a Fiend’ series. Dai Ocean is the newest arrival on Monsterism Island. “A seafaring adventurer, originally from Tiger Bay and … Read More

NYCC Exclusive Blue Pandaimyo

Tenacious Toys has released details of their New York Comic Con Exclusive Blue Pandaimyo 5-inch Mini Qee designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser and produced by Toy2R. Limited to 300 pieces in … Read More

NYCC Exclusive Black Candycat

​Furry Feline Creatives will be releasing a very limited edition “Black Candycat” at New York Comic Con 2012. Available at the Tenacious Toys Booth #3121, there will be only 10 … Read More

Mikie Graham reminds you ‘This Is Your Brain On Drugs’

This year at San Diego Comic Con Mikie Graham released an edition of 10 mini Jumping Brain customs based on the 80’s anti drug add campaign “This Is Your Brain … Read More

VISEone’s Tube Monster Debut

VISEone’s Tube Monsters will be making their debut at NYCC 2012 at the Tenacious Toys Booth #3121. The 3.5-inch tall figure will be released in three colorways (Zombie Juice Edition, … Read More

Frombie at NYCC 2012

The Frombie folks will be attending New York Comic Con this October. They’ll be set up at Booth #3215, and as you can see in the above ad…will have a … Read More

S.Maria APs

Erick Scarecrow has added three more S.Maria Artist Proof 6.5″ tall resin figures to the ESC-Toy Shop: S.Maria Lanna, S.Maria Cloudia, and S.Maria 3 Yrs Later. They’re currently listed as … Read More