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Dead Kenny GID Edition

Kidrobot GID Dead Kenny 1

Hey...Kidrobot has killed Kenny again. The Dead Kenny GID Edition will be making its way to New York Comic Con. It features exposed brains, bloody ribs, authentic cuts, scratches and scrapes, and an arm that falls off the bone. Oh...and he glows. This version is limited to a run of 1,000 pieces. It will be available at NYCC for $11.95.

Kidrobot GID Dead Kenny 2

ESC-Toy at NYCC: Toys!

ESC Toy Crow Crow Bear Copper NYCC

Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy will be heading to New York Comic Con 2011 with a bunch of new items: vinyl, resin, art, cards, plush. And if you can't make it to NYCC, there will be some new releases that you can even get your hands on. We're announcing all of that over the next few days.

Crow Crow Bear Copper

The third colorway in the Crow Crow Bear collection will be Copper, with a combination of metallic paints (copper, gold, silver and metal mint). The 6.5" hand-painted resin figure is signed and numbered by artist. It's limited to only 30 pieces worldwide and will sell for $69.99 each.

ESC Toy Turtum NYCC

Turtum Micci Gang

New for this year is the Turtum Micci mini resin figure assortment. The first wave includes 7 different Turtums: OG-original, Crystal Chi, Wild Desert, Kagoo, Moonshell, Purplish Lurker and Mystery colorway. Each 3.25" is packed in a reveal box (not blind boxed) and can be purchased for $19.99 each.


Wet-Suit Maria Moon Jumper

The next colorway for the Wet-Suit Maria collection will be the Moon Jumper. Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, this 6" tall vinyl figure come in window box with blister tray. It will retail for $39.99.

ESC Toy Pinnola Warhol NYCC

Pinnola Warhol

Now...the main release! The Pinnola Warhol features Erick Scarecrow's twist on a classic fairy tale character. Each 6.5" hand-painted resin figure is signed and numbered by artist and comes packed in ESC box. (Minor assembly required) The edition of 25 pieces worldwide will sell for $124.99 each.

All of these figures will be available beginning on Friday October 14th 2011 at 4:00PM at the ESC-Toy NYCC booth #781.

Rampage Toys’ Ugly Unicorn at NYCC

rampage unicorns

Rampage Toys' Ugly Unicorn will be released at two different booths at New York Comic Con.

Tenacious Toys (#876) will have 10 Ugly Unicorns painted with clear blue and metallic blue spray over clear vinyl. Lulubell Toys (#589) will have 5 Ugly Unicorns painted bright blue hair over bright yellow vinyl. They will include signed and numbered screen prints for the header cards. They'll be available for $42.00 each.

Black Buddha Asia Mini-God

minigod nycc

MARKA27 will be at New York Comic Con on Friday October 14th 2011 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM with the release of his latest 6" Asia Mini-God the "Black Buddha" edition. This figure is limited to only 100 pieces, and it can be purchased at the Toy Tokyo NYCC booth #976.

ESC-Toy and Steff Bomb – I Think You’re Soopa

Steff x ESC plush NYCC

ESC-Toy and Steff Bomb have collaborated on this 9" handmade plush called "I Think You're Soopa". Produced by Steff, these will be available at New York Comic Con. It will sell for $45.00 and be limited to only 15 pieces. Steff will be signing at the ESC booth on Saturday October 15th 2011 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.

UmeToys heading to NYCC

umetoys nycc

Rich Page [UmeToys] has created a collage of some of the items that he will be bringing to New York Comic Con. He will be at Big Kev's Geek Stuff booth (E7) in Artist Alley. He's slated to be there on Saturday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM and Sunday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM.

Look for the following:

• Custom resins of the UME Kittens
• Custom sketch pads
• Stickers
• Art prints
• Postcards
• Zombie Bratz
• Original scribbles

GID Big Kid Toy

Johnny Cupcakes DIY

Johnny Cupcakes will be at New York Comic Con Booth #575 with the Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Big Kid Toy. Limited to only 225 pieces, this is Johnny Cupcakes' first ever toy release. They'll have two other colorways available, as well as blind-boxed Cupcake+Crossbones toys.

NYCC Space Junk Destroyer

bad applez nycc

Bad Applez Inc has announced that they will be at NYCC along with Bob Conge (Plaseebo), who has done their first run of Space Junk Destroyer resin figures. Bob has sculpted custom claws for the figure and has added his signature paint sprays and glass eyes.

The group will be at the Toy2R and Tenacious Toys booth ( #876) on Saturday October 14th 2011 at 3:00PM ET for the release. The NYCC edition of Space Junk Destroyers is limited to 5 pieces and will be priced at $220.00 each.

plaseebo space junk destroyer 2
plaseebo space junk destroyer 1
plaseebo space junk destroyer 3

Shawnimals’ NYCC Offerings

Shawnimals will be hitting NYCC 2011 with a bundle of new releases. They'll be holding down the fort in Booth #581, with the following exclusives:

Shawnimals NYCC Zombie

Ninja of the Month variant release: Zombie Ninja - Darkness Edition

Standing in at 7" tall. It includes a signed and numbered tag, plus a glow-in-the-dark 1.25" button. Limited to 50 pieces, pick one up for $40.00.

Shawnimals NYCC pork

Hand-painted Mini Pork Dumpling Vinyls (dual release with myplasticheart)

Shawnimals will feature the pumpkin-orange, X-eyed, splattered Crime Scene Edition, and myplasticheart will have the black, red-eyed, splattered Guilty as Charged Edition. These will be a 50 piece edition, running $12.00 each.

Shawnimals NYCC UCFD

Pocket Undercover Ninja - Flying Devil Edition

This is a mini release in a Flying Devil Edition of the famed Undercover Ninja from Shawnimals' 2010 Ninja of the Month line. Standing in at 4" tall, these will be limited to 20 pieces at $25.00 each.

Shawnimals NYCC Pstache

Pocket Stache

The 4" wide mini-stache will be available for $7.00 each.

Shawnimals NYCC Moustachios


Look for white, cream and taupe to compliment the existing line of brown, black and blond. Around 16" wide, you'll be able to pick them up for $20.00 each.

Jared Deal’s Vlad Plush and Trouble Resin at NYCC

jared deal vlad

Jared Deal will be bringing some new toys to NYCC 2011. It will start with a pre-sale on Wednesday October 12th 2011 running from Noon until Midnight (ET). This will give the people who can't attend the Con a chance to pick things up...minus the nerd body odor. The Vlad Plush and Trouble Resin are only two of the pieces that will be available to purchase at Booth #789.

jared deal trouble