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Normally, I'm a not a huge fan of vinyl platform figures made by non-traditional designer vinyl toy companies. But NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Batsu figures look to be a must-have when they are released in the fall of 2010. Some of the other licenses, such as Gears of War and Street Fighter, aren't my thing...but I actually like this design.

Our SDCC NECA Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Kuso Vinyl


We stopped by the Kuso Vinyl booth while Jure Gavran (Scapegoats) was signing his new Urban Criminal Billy figure. Nakanari was there showing off his Spiki vinyl figure (the Ninja Spiki Kage Edition). And one of my personal faves - Rotobox's Zero Degrees Celsius SDCC Exclusive.

Our SDCC Kuso Vinyl Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Symbiote Studios


Symbiote Studios had their Symbiotes vinyl line on display (and for sale) at their San Diego Comic Con booth. I'm digging the Dr. Tran figures. And they come with interchangeable hands that allow the figure to hold weapons (weapons included).

SDCC 2009: Dumbrella


If you didn't get to Comic Con early, and you didn't make a b line for the DKE Toys or Dumbrella booth, then you probably didn't get a chance to pick up Andrew Bell's SDCC Exclusive Blue O-No Sushi figure set. Listed as one of my personal must-haves at the show...I missed out on it. You snooze, you lose kids.

Our SDCC Dumbrella Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Gargamel

SDCC 2009: MINDstyle


If you were walking through the SDCC exhibit hall and thought that you were transported to a tropical island with Lilo and were actually just walking past the MINDstyle booth. They had their custom Stitch show on display, but I was just waiting for a luau. We got our first chance at seeing Michaul Lau's vinyl take on The Godfather. And the limited edition SDCC Exclusive MINDstyle Box Set was available for your purchasing pleasure.

Our SDCC MINDstyle Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: DKE Toys


If I attempted describing all of the vinyl and plush goodness that was going on in the DKE Toys booth, one of two things might happen: my brain might explode or I might develop carpel tunnel from all of the typing. I think the best way for you to experience the booth is to look through our photo gallery, pick out your five favorite toys and then start saving up.

Our SDCC DKE Toys Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Kaiju Big Battel


If you like wrestling, monsters or monster'll want to hit the Kaiju Big Battel SDCC booth. In addition to having a boatload of shirts and DVDs, they have a new vinyl figure - Cycloptopuss. And if that wasn't enough, Cycloptopuss was also in attendance. And if you couldn't tell, sea creatures get dehydrated when they have to hang out in the Comic Con exhibit hall.

SDCC 2009: Fuzzy Balls Apparel


In addition to their fun clothing line, Fuzzy Balls Apparel had several handmade Raul plushies for collectors to cuddle up to. (Although, you might want to buy it before cuddling with it...cuddling in the exhibit hall would be a little creepy)

SDCC 2009: Onell Design


We got our first glimpse of the Armodoc rotocast vinyl figure from Onell Design (notice the Frankenberry influence?) as well as the Callgrim figures from RawShark Studios and Onell (interchangeable with the Glyos Series). And speaking of the Glyos System Series, Dead Presidents had a number of his amazing customs for sale. If you missed out on them when they were released a few weeks back...this was a surprise shot at picking one up.

They also hosted the Global Figure Symposium, which brought together a bunch of small run, handmade figures and artists together in one booth. It's a great idea! And brought together a bunch of unique figures and styles.

Our SDCC Onell Design Photo Gallery

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