Kickstarter: Henry & Glenn Forever Anime Robot Vinyl Toys

Tom Neely – artist and co-creator of Henry and Glenn Forever – and Rocom Toys have launched a new Kickstarter project. The plan is to release a series of Japanese … Read More

Kickstarter: Bull Crap & Holy Crap Plushies

Furry Feline Creative are looking to Kickstarter to produce two new plush characters – Bull Crap and Holy Crap. Continuing to run with the poop theme, Cheri and Alvin plan … Read More

Kickstarter: Work Dog – Your Desktop Companion

The newest Kickstarter project from artist Vincent Scala is the Work Dog: Your Desktop Companion figure. This is Scala’s third Kickstarter that he has run. The 6-inch tall figure will feature … Read More

Kickstarter: Twitturd – The MOST Polished Presidential Figure Ever

Artist Casey Latiolais and Kevin Kelly (SNAFU Studio) are turning the iconic giant combover-wearing rooster into a vinyl toy. The Twitturd vinyl toy – The MOST Polished Presidential Figure Ever – … Read More

Kickstarter: Arctic Friend Fox Plush

With their latest Kickstarter campaign, Anne Marie and Natural Pop present a soft and sweet buddy ready for an adventure or a nice quiet day at home – the Arctic … Read More

Kickstarter: Belfry – The Demon Bell Kaiju Vinyl Toy

Brandon Leach – Motley Miscreations – has launched a Kickstarter project that’s looking to raise funds in order to produce the Belfry – The Demon Bell Kaiju Soft Vinyl Toy. … Read More

Kickstarter: Pecanpals Woodys

CandyJames, an Australian design company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that’s looking to produce their Pecanpals Woodys designer toys. Designed in Australia and made from eco-friendly hevea wood, CandyJames has … Read More

Kickstarter: Amazing Heroes – 1/18 scale figures

Fresh Monkey Fiction is expanding their Amazing Heroes line of comic book action figures with a new scale that sports more articulation. For over 2 years, they’ve been working closely … Read More

Kickstarter: The Deadly Spawn Vinyl Figure

The Deadly Spawn is a 1983 science-fiction horror flick that attempted to “cash-in” on the popularity of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN film. And now there’s a Kickstarter project that’s goal is producing a … Read More

Kickstarter: MST3K Trading Cards Series 2

Richard Parks of RRParks CARDS has launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trading Cards Series Two. Series Two picks up right where Series One left … Read More

Kickstarter: Kaikeshi – Kaiju Big Battel Mini Figures

It’s (hopefully) finally coming to fruition. Initially dreamt up some 15 years ago, Kaiju Big Battel has launched a new Kickstarter Project in an attempt to fund Kaikeshi – the … Read More

Kickstarter: Sharknado Official Collectible Trading Cards

RRParksCARDS has announced his (Richard Parks) latest series of collectible cards. There’s currently a Kickstarter Project to fund the production of the official Sharknado Trading Card Series. In cooperation with The … Read More