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Super7 Ninth Anniversary Party

super7 anniversary

Super7 is turning nine years old...and to celebrate, they'll be throwing a Ninth Anniversary Party featuring games, prizes, treats, and of course, lucky bags. The event will take place on May 22nd 2010 beginning at 6PM.

Super7 Store
1628 Post St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 409-4700

Albino Mummy Gator

gid gator

On Saturday May 15th 2010, Super7 will be releasing the Albino Mummy Gator. "This elusive creature can be seen on rare occasion glowing in the dark of night, but never stays above water for long." You'll be able to pick up this vinyl at the Super7 Store and Super7 Florida's 'Monsters in the Mangrove' art show for $50.00 each.

Outerspaced Rose Vampire

weirdearth vampire

Today, Super7 will be releasing their Outerspaced Rose Vampire.  Cast in clear glitter vinyl with light blue and silver sprays, this Rose Vampire version will be available for $30 beginning today (Saturday, April 17th 2010) at 7PM Pacific at the Weirdearth art opening - which features new artwork by Joshua Herbolsheimer.  Any remaining figures and artwork will be available for sale online on Sunday, April 18th at 11AM Pacific.

Hujili’s Ghost

hujilis ghost

The Hujili's Ghost - Clear Blue Version - is a mash-up of Gargamel's Hedoran Smog Monster and Le Merde's Hujili's Ghost character. These will be made available this Saturday (April 3, 2010) at Super7 in SF for $95 each (Later at

Pocket Mummy Boy

pocket mb

Brian Flynn and Super7 are bringing back the Pocket Mummy Boy vinyl figure with these Candy Colored Pocket Mummy Boys in pink and blue. Just in time for spring - all Easter egg-y.

Le Turd Clear Blue

le turd clear blue

Available on Saturday March 20th, 2010 at 11AM through, Super7 will be releasing the newest figure from Le Merde. The Le Turd (clear blue edition) features a new head sculpt (by Naoya Ikeda of Gargamel) on the mini Hollis Price body.

Clear Blue Steven the Bat

steven blue

On Saturday February 27th, 2010 (at 11AM Pacific), Super7 and Bwana Spoons will release the newest version of Monster Family Steven the Bat cast in crystal clear blue vinyl. This version will be available for $30 each.

“Over the Edge” Monster Family Hollis

Over The Edge Hollis

I love the work that Le Merde have been releasing. I had to pick up one of their customs from the recent Kicking Ass and Taking Names show at Grass Hut. But if you weren't able to grab up a custom, there's good news...they're releasing a new Hollis figure.

Le Merde and Super7 will be releasing the "Over the Edge" Monster
Family Hollis
...based on the 1970's film Over the Edge. Everyone's favorite Rock n' Roll Vampire Tennis Star
returns, this time cast in a light blue-grey vinyl with red, blue,
purple and black spray. The figure will be released today - Saturday,
September 12th
- at 11AM Pacific Time at the Super7 Store. They'll run a reasonable $25 each.

SDCC 2009: Super7


If you saw our pre-SDCC coverage, you probably noticed the number of exclusives that would be at the Super7 booth. But one of them garnered the most interest was Big Sal by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.

Our SDCC Super7 Photo Gallery

SDCC 2009 coverage sponsored by

Super7 SDCC Exclusives (Part 2)

Continuing the rundown of Super7 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives, here are the remaining six figures that you can pick up at their booth.


Magenta Massacre Hollis by Le Merde for $25 each


Citrus Steven the Bat by Bwana Spoons for $25 each


Monster Family Blank Set


Glow in the Dark Milton by Brian Flynn for $15 each


Red Devil Lucha Bear by Itokin Park for $65 each


Skelletor Dokurocks by Skull Toys for $45 each