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NYCC15: Gold Hung Phone Charm by Luke Chueh


Usually, I just try to avoid posting news items on "toys" or "art pieces" that I think are tacky and disrespectful. But I think this one might have some redeeming qualities. SubUrban Vinyl will be releasing the Munkyking x Luke Chueh NYCC Exclusive Gold Hung phone charm at Booth #208. It will be limited to 60 pieces and will retail for $15.00.

Now that that is out of the way...I'm not sure what kind of person would want to minimize suicide by carrying around - clearly - a suicidal bear on their cell phone. If the point of this piece is for people to have a meaningful discussion about depression and suicide...terrific! And it should be noted that Munky King does say that "we feel it is appropriate to donate a portion of the sales to charities for the prevention of suicide". But I feel making a cell phone charm out of a suicidal bear is minimizing or maybe even glorifying the act.

NYCC15: Cat Atomic’s Custom Dunnys


SubUrban Vinyl will be releasing three exclusive customs at New York Comic Con 2015 from artist Cat Atomic. The trio of customs will use Kidrobot's Dunny platform, with the 3-inch tall Cosmic Oil Spill Dunny and the 3-inch tall Atomic Sane Dunny retailing for $75.00 each, and the 8-inch tall Atomic Volcano Dunny running $300.00. They'll all be available at the SubUrban Vinyl Booth #208 in The Block. 

NYCC15: Inner Child Purple Edition


SubUrban Vinyl will be releasing the 4th and final colorway of their Inner Child figure by Nerviswr3k. This Inner Child Purple Edition will be limited to 100 pieces and only available at Booth #208 at New York Comic Con. The figure will retail for $45.00, and - I'm assuming - if any remain after the show, they should be available on the SubUrban Vinyl website.

NYCC15: Four Faced Slime Gummy – Slime Edition


SubUrban Vinyl will be at New York Comic Con (Booth #208) with an exclusive figure from Crummy Gummy. The Four Faced Gummy - Slime Edition is an edition of 5 pieces, with one of them being glow-in-the-dark. You'll be able to pick one up at NYCC for $60.00.

NYCC15: SubUrban Vinyl x Nolasco x Leecifer


SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with Brent Nolasco and Leecifer to bring a pair of exclusive figures for New York Comic Con 2015 and Booth #208. Brent Nolasco's Sonny - Midnight Bloom Edition stands in at 6-inches of soild resin that's been hand-painted by artist. The figure is limited to a run of 5 pieces and will be available for $100.00.

The second figure - Bat Sister Morning Glory Edition - is a collaboration with both Brent (body and paint) and Leecifer (head). The 6-inch tall solid resin figure is limited to a run of 4 pieces. You can pick one up for $100.00. Brent and Leecifer will be at the booth signing on Friday from 1PM to 2PM.


NYCC15: Prints On Wood – ChrisRWK


SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with ChrisRWK to produce a pair of original prints for New York Comic Con. These Thor and Iron Man prints will be on 8" x 8" pieces of sustainable birch wood by Prints on Wood. The prints will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl Booth #208 in The Block for $60.00 each. Also, Chris will be at the booth signing prints on Saturday of the show from 1PM to 2PM.

NYCC15: Lou Pimentel’s Alter Ego


SubUrban Vinyl will be presenting artist Lou Pimentel's "Alter Ego" print this year at New York Comic Con 2015. Based off of his original 8" x 10" water color for the "No Toon Left Behind" Show, the print will measure 11" x 14" and be on cotton rag paper. This will be an open edition for NYCC. It'll be available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth #208 as part of the Tenacious Collective in The Block. Lou will be at the booth throughout the weekend live painting and signing his prints. 

NYCC15: Troopin Sane Wood Prints


SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with John Grayson to give his original sold out silk screen Troopin Sane print the wood treatment. These wood prints, printed by Prints On Wood on 1/2" sustainable birch wood, will be available in two different sizes and three different colors. The 8-inch by 8-inch wood print will come in Mustard and Olive backgrounds, limited to just 25 pieces of each. Also, the 10-inch by 10-inch Light Blue version will be limited to only 10 pieces.

The prints will be available at New York Comic Con Booth #208 in The Block starting when the doors open on Thursday October 8th 2015. John will be at the booth signing the prints on Thursday from Noon to 1PM. If there are any remaining after the convention, they will be sold online at SubUrban Vinyl's website. No word on pricing on these.

Cat Atomic’s Atomic Bunny


SubUrban Vinyl teamed up with artist Cat Atomic to release a new Atomic Bunny using Joe Ledbetter's 10-inch tall Chaos Bunny. This guy comes complete with a custom painted sword and some custom packaging designed to hold back the Atomic power of the bunny. The figure will be available beginning today (Friday May 29th 2015) at 3PM ET via the link above for $199.00.


Atomic Bunnies Customs


Artist Felix Martinez will be releasing three custom painted Joe Ledbetter Mini Chaos Bunnies - titled "The Atomic Bunnies" - exclusively through Suburban Vinyl.

The concept for the Atomic Bunnies, custom painted Joe Ledbetter Mini Chaos Bunnies, was originally thought up as way to revive a style of art work I worked on years ago. As a way to see what the reception of this style would be, I held a contest to win the original blue and yellow atomic bunny. Having been blown away by the amount of positive feed back, I decided to create 3 more in order to give others a chance to own one of these bad ass bunnies and release them exclusively through Suburban Vinyl.

They will be available Friday April 10th 2015 for $65.00.