Usually, I just try to avoid posting news items on "toys" or "art pieces" that I think are tacky and disrespectful. But I think this one might have some redeeming qualities. SubUrban Vinyl will be releasing the Munkyking x Luke Chueh NYCC Exclusive Gold Hung phone charm at Booth #208. It will be limited to 60 pieces and will retail for $15.00.

Now that that is out of the way...I'm not sure what kind of person would want to minimize suicide by carrying around - clearly - a suicidal bear on their cell phone. If the point of this piece is for people to have a meaningful discussion about depression and suicide...terrific! And it should be noted that Munky King does say that "we feel it is appropriate to donate a portion of the sales to charities for the prevention of suicide". But I feel making a cell phone charm out of a suicidal bear is minimizing or maybe even glorifying the act.

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