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Bode Broad from Planet6


Production on the BODE BROAD
is underway!  Planet6 expects to have a limited first edition colorway by late
. If you are interested in reserving a BODE BROAD, you can e-mail the Planet6 folks. There
is no deposit required and they're taking reservations on a first come
first serve basis.

The rotocast vinyl figure will retail for
$79.00 (plus shipping) and measures 14.75"
in height.

Pilotman from Planet6


Pilotman, from Planet6, will be released at San Diego Comic Con.  SEEN will be on-hand, signing any Pilotman purchased at SDCC.  The figure is limited to 150 pieces and available exclusively at table E12.

Phony Baloney Qees from SEEN

Toy2R and Planet6 have finally revealed photos of the Phony Baloney themed Qees, designed by SEEN

P-BALONEY gets the kick me treatment in classic style!  The 8” Qee with retail around $60 and includes a 2.5” SEEN Qee chain.  It’s limited to 400 pieces and will be released at Comic Con.

RE-RE MAKES PEE PEE had a little accident and made a wet himself.  This “ Qee will retail around $70 and also includes a 2.5” Qee chain.  It’s limited to 200 pieces and is a Comic Con exclusive colorway.


REVIEW: Phony Baloney


Who would have thought up a line of law-enforcing swine, other than the minds of SEEN and Planet 6?  The Phony Baloney pigs seem to find themselves in some rather precarious situations.  The team of police officers can be seen in their first full length comic book – Phony Baloney: Phony Island Phiasco, which is produced by Terminal Press.  They also have been immortalized in plastic as a set of 8 figures and claim to be feeding you the truth about pork.

The Phony Baloney line can be purchased individually or in an 7-piece box set.   I guess it depends on whether or not you like a specific character or the entire line.  The box set does not include one figure – Porked!  However, I would recommend picking up a copy of the comic book, as it gives a nice background to the entire line.


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Planet6 Store…Now Open


Planet6 has opened their online shop for all of your SEEN needs.  You can pick up Phony Baloney, SEEN signatures, Thundermutt or Spraycan Monsters from the store.  They also have some photos of upcoming projects such as Dem Bones, Teddy Troops and the Phony Baloney Qees.

Phony-Baloney… Worthwhile Reading


Terminal Press
has joined forces with the folks at Planet 6.  They are currently putting the finishing touches on the premiere issue of the Phony-Baloney comic book.  It'll be nice to have a little back story to go along with the hilarious line of law enforcement pigs.  Look for the comic to launch early 2006.

Monsters That Scare Me Roundup


Rocket World Gallery exhibited the work of SEEN in the opening of Monsters That Scare Me on October 29th.  You can now view and purchase any of the 42 hand painted canvases through the Rocket World website.

Planet6 Updates Galore!

SEEN and the folks over at have done a complete redesign of their website. You'll find a ton of toy related info, with the launch of Phony Baloney almost upon us.  There is also past projects such as Spraycan Monsters and the SEEN tag.


Plus! Get some sneak peeks at Toy2R and adFunture projects SEEN is working on.  I'm definitely looking forward to those!

Rocket World and SEEN present “Monsters That Scare Me”


Richard Mirando
aka “SEEN” is having a highly anticipated exhibit of new works at
the Rocket World Gallery, opening 7:00pm Saturday October 29th. Titled “Monsters That Scare Me”,
the show is dedicated to the monsters which frightened us when we were

10% of ALL art sales that evening will be
donated by the Rocket World Gallery to various non-profit organizations.

“SEEN” is an internationally
known and exhibiting artist with his roots in the street art movement emerging in
and around the NYC area during the 1970’s and 80’s. One of the featured artists in the indie classic documentary, “Style Wars”, Richard’s
current works and projects, including designer toys, can be viewed on one of
his websites,

“Monsters That Scare Me" will
run for one month and close on the 30th of November 2005.

Music, things for your sweet tooth and
liquids to wet your mouth will be provided the evening of the opening.

Rocket World Gallery is located at:

660 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94107