Who would have thought up a line of law-enforcing swine, other than the minds of SEEN and Planet 6?  The Phony Baloney pigs seem to find themselves in some rather precarious situations.  The team of police officers can be seen in their first full length comic book – Phony Baloney: Phony Island Phiasco, which is produced by Terminal Press.  They also have been immortalized in plastic as a set of 8 figures and claim to be feeding you the truth about pork.

The Phony Baloney line can be purchased individually or in an 7-piece box set.   I guess it depends on whether or not you like a specific character or the entire line.  The box set does not include one figure – Porked!  However, I would recommend picking up a copy of the comic book, as it gives a nice background to the entire line.



Each character has a proper name as well as a name of the sculpt.  For
instance, the young rookie Patty McDrinkalot is named In A Pig’s Eye.
Officer Kimkee is having some problems with the local dog population in
Pig Patrol.  Sgt. Futters is busy getting roasted in Roast Pork.
Officer Drinky looks a little toasted in NY’s Finest.  Officer Flupp is
on the wrong side of the law in Pigs Pen.  Lt. Stroffski is being
ground up in Pork Grinds.  Captain Pennycents is looking rather
appetizing in Pigs In A Blanket.  And, finally, Sgt. Buttitchio is
really sure how that plunger became lodged there in Porked!

The figures are made of solid plastic.  If I remember correctly, the
pieces were actually sculpted and cast in resin and that is what was
used for the mold.  It gives them a rough look, which is what Planet 6
had set out to do. 


Personally, I have a few favorites in the line.  Porked! hits a note
with my disturbed side.  Pigs In A Blanket is my other favorite in the
line.  It’s somewhat simple…but I wonder if I could put it on a hors
d’oeuvres at a fancy party??

Phony Baloney is definitely a different route that we would have
expected from the Godfather of Graffiti – SEEN.  We’re used to spray
cans, tattoos, graffiti and skeletons…so it might be difficult for some
folks to accept these goofy looking pigs.  I think this is a way for
SEEN and the people at Planet 6 to release their sillyness…and take a
little shot at New York’s finest in the process.


Phony Baloney Grades:
Quality: 7/10
Paint: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 5/10
Fun Factor: 9/10

Overall: 7.5/10

The figures are available through the Planet 6 store for $12 a piece or $89 for the 7-piece box set.