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Clear Yellow Vinyl Kaiju Negora

maxtoy negora

The Clear Yellow vinyl Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Co. x Konatsu (cast by Shimizu-san in Japan) will be offered to Max Toy Club members next week. If any of the run is left over, they will make their way to the Max Toy Co. web store. So are you a member? You can still sign up to become one.

Max Toy Co. Kaiju Dualos

max toy dualos 1

Max Toy Co. will be releasing their Kaiju Dualos figure via retailer outlets. Hand painted by Mark Nagata, the 10" tall vinyl kaiju figure should be hitting shops in the near future. Look for them to retail around $150.00. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

max toy dualos 2
max toy dualos 3

Mark Nagata and Max Toy Co. at SDCC

maxtoyco sdcc

Mark Nagata - of Max Toy Co. - has revealed San Diego Comic Con details revolving around him and the company.

His amazing custom figures will be available at the Rotofugi Booth #4736. And on Thursday July 21st, from 11:00AM to Noon, Mark will be at the booth to talk Kaiju and doodle in your sketchbook.

Among Mark's offerings will be the first fully painted Kaiju Dualos, a brand new Lady Maxx in purple, mini Kaiju Dragigus and Drazorus (painted by Mark on GID vinyl), as well as plenty of one-offs and hand painted customs.

Lady Maxx Green US Edition

maxtoyco lady maxx

Mark Nagata and Max Toy Co. have released the fully painted Lady Maxx Green US Edition. This one was cast in flesh colored vinyl and uses over 15 paint masks to achieve the look of this final product. Each soft vinyl piece includes one body and two heads. You can pick one up for $40.00.

Bronze Kaiju Eyezon

tag bronze eyezon 1
tag bronze eyezon 2

Toy Art Gallery has announced their latest high quality bronze collaboration, the full-size Kaiju Eyezon created by Mark Nagata.

For the first time, Kaiju is being forged into a sculpture using the classic material of bronze. The heft and permanence of bronze along with an extremely limited production brings a fine art collectibility to Nagata’s iconic creation. The Bronze Kaiju Eyezon had been expertly forged in the United States by master craftsmen and stands 10 inches tall.

The Bronze Kaiju Eyezon is limited to a run of only 15 pieces worldwide. They will made available through TAG on Wednesday June 29th 2011 priced at $1,450.00 for the first five of the edition.

tag bronze eyezon 3
tag bronze eyezon 4

Pink Neon Mini Kaiju Drazoran

maxtoyco mini drazoran

Max Toy Co. has released the limited edition Mini Kaiju Drazoran that's been cast in Pink Neon vinyl by Shimizu-san in Japan,and hand painted by Mark Nagata using Monster Kolor paints. This version is limited to less than 20 pieces, with some of them possibly making their way to SDCC. Pick one up now from Max Toy Co for $40.00.

Kaiju Drazoran – Dead Presidents x Max Toy Version

maxtoyco dead pres drazoran

Mark Nagata has announced the release of the Kaiju Drazoran Dead Presidents x Max Toy Version. Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) has hit up these Drazoran's with his Monster Kolor paint, with sprays of white, vivid pink, vivid orange, black and silver with a hint of purples, and a glossy top coat. This 10.5" tall soft vinyl figure is available for $70.00 each.

Clear Kaiju Eyezon – Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez x Max Toy

maxtoyco gonzalez eyezon

MaxToyCo has released the Clear Kaiju Eyezon by fine artist Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez. This is an edition of 8 figures, all painted on clear vinyl with c-thru paints and glitter glossy coating. Each unique piece has been signed on the foot by the artist and dated 2009. You also get a cast resin Eyezon leg, painted and signed by Mark Nagata. "The additional leg was Carlos' idea, representing how mass produced items may look the same but when you pick it up you realize it is not light weight vinyl." The limited run figure is now available for $200.00.

Pink Lady Maxx

maxtoyco lady maxx

Max Toy Co. has released the third fully painted version of Lady bright pink. Like the previous releases, the figure includes one body and two interchangeable heads. They'll be available today for pre-order limited quantities.

The Lady Maxx mini will run $40.00 each plus shipping.

D-Lux GID Alien Argus

dlux argus

In honor of D-Lux’s birthday, MaxToyCo x Toy Art Gallery x D-Lux are releasing a limited edition GID Alien Argus. This version is hand painted by D-Lux and limited to only 8 pieces worldwide. Of those 8, 4 will be available at the Toy Art Gallery store and 4 at the D-Lux store. The D-Lux Argus will go on sale beginning at Midnight EST on May 13th 2011 or 9PM PST on May 12th 2011. You'll be able to pick one up for $125.00 plus shipping.