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SDCC13: Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co SDCC

Max Toy Company will have several pieces available at San Diego Comic Con, both at the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Booth #5248 and the Dragatomi Booth #5350. The above image gives a good breakdown as to what is where.

Also, Mark Nagata will be signing with Javier Jimenez at the Rotofugi booth on Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 2PM.

Blind Bag Blobpus Alien Argus

TAG blobpus

Toy Art Gallery is teaming up with Blobpus to create a special run of Blind Bag Blobpus Alien Argus figures. There are over 8 different variations possible, with many being 1-offs or editions of 2 (all hand-painted by Blobpus).

Alien Argus is designed by Mark Nagata and produced by Toy Art Gallery. He stands over 10 inches tall and features 10 points of articulation.

The Blobpus Alien Argus blind bags will be available for $125.00 each this Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, at Noon PT (in-store and at TAG online).

Max Toy x Jay222 – Lady Vengeance

MaxToy Lady Vengeance

This Friday (August 3rd 2012), Max Toy Co. will be teaming up with artist/sculptor Jay222 to release his first soft vinyl toy - Lady Vengeance. This Japan-made vinyl figure will be very limited. Look for it to retail via the above link for $20.00 plus shipping.

Max Toy Co Yuudoku Release

MaxToyCo Yuudoku

Today (Friday July 27th 2012) Max Toy Co will be offering this new mini Kaiju called Yuudoku. This is a collaboration between Max Toy and Troy Stith. The unpainted blue vinyl comes with random colored eyes inserted.
Yuudoku will be available for $20.00 each plus shipping.

Mark Nagata’s Cosmic Squadron

Mark Nagata Galaxy Squad

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co has applied his "galaxy" paint applications on these Cosmic Squadron figures from Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs). These three pieces have been painted with Monster Kolor and can be purchased here for $200.00 each.

TAG + Skinner – Alien Argus

Skinner Ghosts of the Abyss Argus 1
Skinner Ghosts of the Abyss Argus 2

Toy Art Gallery has teamed up with Skinner to release the “Ghosts of the Dead Abyss” Alien Argus. Designed by Mark Nagata, this version of the Argus is decorated with metallic blue, purple and red on a base of black vinyl. It will also be available as the "Solar Death Goldfish" Alien Argus chase, done in metallic golds, reds and oranges on a red vinyl base.

The vinyl figures will be available for $175.00 each today (Friday May 18th 2012) at 12:00PM PT at TAG online and in-store.

Skinner Solar Death Goldfish Argus 1

Max Toy Co. at Wonder Festival

Max Toy Lady Maxx
Max Toy Kaiju Dualos

Max Toy Co. has announced their Wonder Festival 2012 Winter exhibition details. Taking place on February 12th 2012 at Makuhari Messe, Max Toy Co. will be in booth number 7-16-03.

The following are the items that they will have on sale:

1. Kaiju DUALOS
2. CHIYO-CHICHI (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
3. CHIYO-CHAN (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New colorway
4. YAMAMAYA (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
5. KAMINEKO (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) Selling again
6. Kaiju NEGORA
7. LADY MAXX (DVD costume version)
9. MICRO EYEZON (unpainted various colors )

Max Toy Lady Darkness
Max Toy Azumanga Group
Max Toy Kaiju Negora

Max Toy x Todd Robertson Micro Eyezons

max toy robertson eyezon

Depending on how many of these customs are gobbled up by Max Toy Club members, the Todd Robertson customized Micro Eyezons will be available today (December 16th 2011). Each Micro Eyezon stands about 2.5 inches tall and features Todd's signature "robotic" mash-up. Keep an eye out at the Max Toy Co. webshop 

Max Toy’s Painted Mini Kaiju Alien Argus

max toy alien argus

Tomorrow (Wednesday November 9th 2011), Max Toy Co. will be offering the first USA release of their Mini Kaiju Alien Argus in fully painted form. Designed by Mark Nagata, cast in white vinyl in Japan by Master Shimizu-san and fully painted by the factory in Japan in a Metron style, the Alien Argus figure stands in at 4" tall and comes bagged with header card.

The Mini Kaiju Alien Argus will be available for $25.00 each plus shipping.

Kaiju Negora and Mini Kaiju Drazorus

max toy Kaiju Negora 1

Max Toy Co has released a pair of new vinyl kaiju figures.

max toy Kaiju Negora 2
max toy Kaiju Negora 3

From Konatsu x Max Toy comes the Kaiju Negora. This is the first USA fully painted edition, with each piece being cast in white vinyl by Master Vinyl Caster Shimizu-san and hand painted in Japan. The Kaiju Negora includes the Big Fish vinyl. You can pick one up for $40.00 each (plus shipping and 8.5% sales tax for CA residents).

max toy Mini Kaiju Drazorus 1
max toy Mini Kaiju Drazorus 2

From Mount Kobo x Max Toy comes the Mini Kaiju Drazorus. This figure is hand painted by Japanese Master artist Tsutomu Masuyama and cast in Flesh vinyl by Master Vinyl Caster Shimizu-san. You'll be able to purchase this figure for $40.00 each (plus shipping and 8.5% sales tax for CA residents).