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MOTUC: King Hssss

motu king hssss 1
motu king hssss 3

MattyCollector Club Eternia members probably already know that there will be a pair of March 2011 figure releases. On Tuesday March 15th 2011 (Noon EST), King Hssss (the Dreadful Disguised Leader of the Snake Men) will join the Masters of the Universe Classics series. He might just have the creepiest hidden feature of all MOTU figures.

motu king hssss 4
motu king hssss 2

MOTUC: Battle Armor Skeletor

motu skeletor battle 1
motu skeletor battle 4

On Tuesday March 15th 2011 at Noon EST, will be releasing a new version of the Evil Lord of Destruction. The Battle Armor Skeletor figure is one of two Club Eternia Subscription Figures for March 2011. So if you collect the Masters of the Universe Classics line and don't have a sub, you might want to pencil in this date.

motu skeletor battle 2
motu skeletor battle 3

February MOTU Classics Release

motu bow 1
motu bow 2 will be releasing a pair of new Masters of the Universe Classics figures on Tuesday February 15th 2011 at noon EST. Bow (pictured above) is "the first and only male character from the Princess of Power series to be created in scale with all other Masters of the Universe Classics figures". He'll be available for $20.00. The 9" tall Shadow Beast was "created with one purpose and one purpose only… to annihilate the enemies of magic during the Great Unrest!" You can pick up the Evil Creature of Darkness for $30.00. If you are a Club Eternia'll be getting both of them shipped to you.

motu shadow beast 1
motu shadow beast 2

MOTU: Vikor He-Man of the North

motu vikor 1
motu vikor 2

This Tuesday's (January 18th 2011) drop at MattyCollector will feature the Vikor - He-Man of the North - figure. He's the Club Eternia Monthy Figure for January 2011, so if you have a subscription...he's on the way. If not, get online at noon EST and you can pick one up for $20.00. Each figure includes a battleaxe, Sword of Gaz, warrior shield, and removable animal “skin” cape.

November Masters of the Universe Classics

motu king grayskull 1
motu king grayskull 2

November 15th 2010 will be the release date for two new Masters of the Universe Classics from King Grayskull with Orb will be re-released for those who couldn't pick one up at San Diego Comic Con 2010. The Club Eternia Monthly Figure for November 2010 is Grizzlor - The Ferocious Figure with Fur. Both figures will be available for $20.00, get to their site at 12 Noon EST sharp.

motu grizzlor 1
motu grizzlor 2

MOTUC: Roboto and Zodac (Re-Release)

motu roboto 1
motu roboto 2

Domo Arigato, Mr. will be releasing their October Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia figure - Roboto - on October 15th 2010 (noon EST). Roboto - or Robot Model 9041 - will be available for $20.00 each.

Also, Zodac will be re-released for those folks who couldn't pick one up the first time around. This one will also be available for $20.00.

motu zodac 1
motu zodac 2

MOTUC: Chief Carnivus and Gygor

motu carnivus 1
motu carnivus 2 has two new Masters of the Universe Classics figures ready to be released on September 15th 2010 (noon EST). Chief Carnvius (pictured above) is the heroic feline warrior and September's Club Eternia Figure. The figure will be available for the regular $20.00 MOTUC price. Gygor is an evil fighting gorilla and a member of Skeletor's army. As you can tell from the photo, he's a little larger (10" tall) than the normal MOTUC figures. Hence, he'll fetch $30.00 to purchase.

motu gygor 2


MOTU: Whiplash Figure

mattel whiplash 1
mattel whiplash 2

On Monday August 16th 2010 (Noon EST), will be releasing the newest figure from their Masters of the Universe Classics line. Whiplash - the evil tail-thrashing warrior - is the August Club Eternia Monthly Figure. I'm just hoping he has the whipping action the original Whiplash had. You can pick one up for $20.00 plus shipping.

Winston Zeddemore Figure

mattel winston 1
mattel winston 2

On Monday August 16th 2010, starting at 12 Noon EST, will make the last of the four main Ghostbusters characters, from their 12" line, available for purchase. Winston Zeddemore will complete the set of four 12" tall figures (hopefully they'll release other characters in this scale). You can purchase this figure for $60.00 plus shipping.

Mattel’s SDCC Exclusives…Now Semi-Exclusive

matty mo larr skeletor

Today (August 2nd 2010) beginning at 12:00 Noon EST, will have all of their San Diego Comic Con Exclusives on line for sale. These will apparently be in very limited quantities. I'm actually not sure what is worse...trying to deal with and their awful e-commerce plan or waiting in hour long lines behind some dude dressed up as Slave Leia.