motuc Man E Faces 1

Here's one of those Masters of the Universe Classics figures that I know I've been waiting for. Man-E-Faces will be one of the two Club Eternia Figures of the Month for August 2011. Launching via on Monday August 15th 2011, you'll be able to purchase one for $20.00.

Don't dare call him two-faced ... he's actually got three, and this figure has them all! This former actor from Eternia makes his grand entrance featuring turnable faceplates that reveal three very different personalities. Take Man-E-Faces from Monster to Human to Robot, all in service of the fight for justice. This fully articulated figure comes with his trademark laser gun, plus a top-secret accessory. Sorry, we can't spoil the surprise, but all will be revealed when you open the box!

motuc Man E Faces 2

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