motuc Megator 1

As a part of's August 15th 2011 release, the Megator figure from their Masters of the Universe Classics line. The "Evil Giant Destroyer" will be a Club Eternia Monthly Figure, so if you have a will be on the way. If not, you can order the 12" tall figure for $40.00 beginning at Noon ET.

Originally released in 1987 overseas only, this former servant to the evil King Hssss™ has returned as a fully articulated figure ready to wreck havoc! This 12" beast is just begging to bludgeon someone using his vintage mace (with a real metal chain!). Megator™ also arrives with a special accessory that allows you to transform him between eras, but you'll have to face him down and open the box to reveal that secret. You're not afraid of a lil' ol' Evil Giant Destroyer, are you?

motuc Megator 3 motuc Megator 2

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