motu leech 1 motu leech 2 will be releasing a pair of new Masters of the Universe Classics figures for September 2011. Included with you Club Eternia sub is Leech: Evil Master of Power Suction. Available on Thursday September 15th 2011 at Noon ET, the figure can be purchased for $20.00.

You won't need a mop to clean up after the slippery, slimy servant of Hordak. When Leech drains the life-force from an opponent he leaves nothing but an empty shell behind! One of the five original members of The Evil Horde, this collection-essential figure comes complete with a vintage Horde-issued crossbow and a net accessory that really sticks to walls! Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, Leech features an all-new fully articulated torso to capture his extra bulky build.

motu leech 4 motu leech 3

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