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Dark Horse to Release Gary Panter’s Jimbo


Possibly the most influential graphic artist of his generation, Gary
is the creator of Jimbo, a post-nuclear cartoon character whose
adventures were first chronicled as a comic strip in the '70s LA
hardcore-punk paper
Slash and later in RAW magazine. Panter was among the artists honored in the 2006-2007 exhibition "Masters of American Comics."

Dark Horse is planning to release the Jimbo figure (limited to 2,500 pieces) in September of this year.  The figure features a fabric costume of a tartan loincloth and tattered t-shirt.  You might want to keep him away from the he is anatomically correct.

Hot Lunch – Lunch Boxes


There are a few monumental events I remember from my days in elementary school.  Every summer my sister and I were allowed to choose the lunch box that would define our upcoming year.  There was a definite process to my selections.  Something cartoony might have seemed too childish (especially for an 8 year old), which is why I’d go the film route.  My two most memorable lunch boxes were from Gremlins and Rambo: First Blood Part 2.  What was I thinking?

If you want to relive the days of your youth, Dark Horse has released several lunch boxes from the Hot Lunch exhibit.  Back in 2005, the La-La Land Gallery held a custom lunch box show featuring over 30 artists.  Eight of these designs have been released to collectors.


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REVIEW: Dark Horse’s Nancy and Sluggo



Nancy, a smart and witty 8-year-old girl, first appeared in the 1922 comic strip Fritzi Ritz, which was taken over by Bushmiller in 1925, and gave the strip its ultimate success. Bushmiller drew Nancy in ways she had never seen before, using each line and stroke to build her range of emotions to a human level. Known for her slapstick antics, Nancy soon dominated the strip, which was renamed Nancy in 1938.

Dark Horse has brought Nancy and her sidekick pal, Sluggo, to vinyl form.  The recently released 8” tall rotocast vinyl duo were sculpted by Yoe Studios and blessed by the Bushmiller Society – who oversees everything Nancy.



Each figure is packaged in a window-front box.  The back features a drawing of the character from the original comic strip.

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New Gloomy Bear Products


Dark Horse Deluxe is proud to present seven brand-new products in the Gloomy Bear universe.  Included are four different T-shirt designs (two for men retailing at $19.99, two for women retailing at $24.99) due out in late March 2007.  Also coming in March a heat-sensitive mug (retails $14.99) that shows Gloomy giving a swift and bloody kick to his innocent owner, until you add a hot beverage . . . then you see the loving life that Boy Pity dreams of. Gloomy's creator, Chack, has specially designed this mug for Dark Horse and it gets our cute—and—violent seal of approval!  A journal (retails $9.99) and stationery set (retails $4.99) round out the new items, both designed by the creator and both due out at the end of this month.


New Vinyl From Lisa Petrucci


This April, Dark Horse is planning to release the first two vinyl figures from artist Lisa Petrucci.  Her work has gone from paintings on wood to the vinyl spectrum.  Dark Horse has chosen two of Lisa's less-risque characters - Devilish Dolly and Lil' Miss Monster - to turn into 6 3/4" vinyl toys.

REVIEW: Mark Beyer’s Amy and Jordan Bendables



Legendary "neo-primitive" artist/cartoonist Mark Beyer has influenced contemporary art and comics with his work over the last twenty years. Gaining attention through covers and stories in RAW magazine, he solidified his place with a long-running weekly comic strip, "Amy & Jordan," that appeared in alternative newspapers nationwide.

Dark Horse has worked with Beyer and the sculptors at Yoe Studio to create a bendable set of Amy and Jordan figures for collectors. 



The set is packaged in a window-front box with background artwork from Mark Beyer.  There is a single cell comic on the back of the box, which shows the characters in comic form.  Also, I must give Dark Horse credit for not inundating us with ties and tape.  You simply pop the figures out of the plastic casing.

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Hot Lunch Boxes From Dark Horse


In the fall of 2005, La-La Land Gallery in Los Angeles held a custom
lunch box exhibit featuring over 30 artists. Visitors to the gallery's
website,, voted on their favorite design from the
exhibit. Dark Horse is proud to offer the top designs from the Hot
exhibit as the newest additions to our current lunch box line. If
only you had one of these lunch boxes when you were a kid!

The following lunch boxes will be released on December 6th and retail around $14.99:

Amanda Visell (A Robot Wants My Lunch Box), Coop, Gary Baseman (Lunch of Unearthly Delights), Greg Simkins (Wanna Sammich), Joe Ledbetter (Dragon Tongue), Kii Arens (La-La Lunch), Niagara (Baby Doll), Shag (My First Cocktail).


REVIEWS: Mutts Figures From Dark Horse



If you’re a reader of the Sunday Comics, you might have seen (and even read) the rather popular strip named Mutts – by Patrick McDonnellDark Horse has the license to produce figures of the Mutts characters, and recently launched two lines of figures: Vinyl and PVC.

Working directly with Patrick McDonnell and the sculptors at Yoe! Studio, Dark Horse brought main characters, Mooch and Earl, to vinyl form in 8-inch tall rotocast figures.  They also released a boxed set of 4 PVC includes Mooch, Earl, Shtinky and Guard Dog.



Both lines have similar box artwork, as well as being window-front.  I give the advantage to the PVC packaging due to what’s on the back of the box.  The vinyl figures simply have a photo of the alternate vinyl figure, however, the PVC set has a comic on the rear (as well as character drawings).

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Mutts Vinyl Figures


One of today's most popular newspaper strips is Patrick McDonnell's beloved feature Mutts.

Dark Horse
is excited to continue their line of new figural versions of
these adorable critters with vinyl figures representing two of our
favorite characters: Mooch and Earl.

Working directly with
Patrick McDonnell and the sculptors at Yoe! Studio, we have created
eight-inch vinyl figures which delightfully capture the essence and
attitude of this irrepressible cat and dog.

REVIEW: Underdog Vinyl Figure



There’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!  The Underdog character was brought to life as a shoeshine boy/superhero.  He changes in a phone booth (similar to Superman) and takes his special Underdog Super Energy Vitamin Pill to get his super powers.

Dark Horse has been responsible for bringing a number of retro cartoon characters into the vinyl realm.  They might be trying to get the jump on the rush for Underdog related merchandise as there are plans for an animated film in 2007.



The window-front box is somewhat average. There are a few cartoon drawings of the character inside, but no reading.


The Figure sent the 8” tall figure in for review.  It is made of rotocast vinyl and has 3 points of articulation (arms and neck).  The cape is made from a rubber-like material that can easily bend.

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