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Ron English Rabbbit


Ron English has received widespread recognition upon the inclusion of his
subversive art in the film "Super Size Me." Before the film gained popularity,
many people may not have been familiar with Ron's colorful, unique style, but
they'll probably never forget it. For many of us, who have been following Ron's
career since the mid-'90s, his art has made an impact on our senses. Ron has
been designing his own billboards, featuring witty and controversial comments on
politics and popular culture, and risked arrest everytime he put them

His contemporary take on the classics is instantly recognizable: Van
Gogh's Starry Night with a well-known hamburger joint in the background,
a multi-faced Munch's Scream, and Monet and Kinkade-inspired landscapes,
sometimes serving as home to our three-eyed friend, Rabbbit.

He's made of durable soft vinyl, and comes in a full-color window box,
with original Ron English art inside and out!

Available at for only $15.99 each!

Little Lulu and Tubby Vinyl Figures


With the popularity of Dark Horse's release of the complete library of classic Little Lulu comics, Dark Horse is releasing Little Lulu and her sidekick Tubby as 8" vinyl figures. From her first appearance in The Saturday Evening Post in the 1930s as a single panel gag strip, Little Lulu has gone on to become a beloved cultural icon all over the world. Tubby was alternately Little Lulu's closest companion and biggest nemesis--forever getting into mischief and hatching schemes. Tubby and his club, the Junior Paratroopers often found themselves matching wits with Lulu, with often disastrous results.


These figures are set to be released on November 2nd and will retail for $17.99 each.