SDCC13: Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys has announced a few San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. They will have a limited edition of 12 Swampy Customs at the Dragatomi Booth. Purchase a unique custom swampy … Read More

Blamo – Bandit and Teak

Blamo has some news for collectors, including new releases and their Designer Con 2012 plans. The new Black and Grey Bandit, featuring a leather body and brass face, is currently … Read More

Dragatomi Hug

Blamo Toys has teamed up with Dragatomi to create a new colorway of their Hug resin figure for San Diego Comic Con. The “Dragatomi Hug” is a limited edition run … Read More

Blamo Toys: Bandit and Frog Dog

Blamo Toys is welcoming Bandit in a limited edition colorway. “Bandit is Rice Baby’s second cousin once removed and is still in transit to BLAMOville. Bandit specializes in the acquisition … Read More

Blamo’s Valentine Hug

Blamo is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Valentine Hug. This special Valentine’s colorway of Blamo’s Hug character stands in at 2″ in heigh and features a pair of inset brass … Read More

Panda Fuzzie Bare

The Wham Blam Blamo Show, which will be opening on January 7th 2012 at Toy Art Gallery, will feature the release of the TAG Exclusive Fuzzie the Bare resin figure. … Read More

Blamo’s Snowman Hug

Blamo Toys has released a holiday exclusive toy that goes by the name of “Snowman Hug”. Each 3″ tall resin Snowman Hug is a one-of-a-kind custom that comes with a … Read More

Blamo Toys at DesignerCon

Blamo Toys will be hitting Designer Con at Booth #208. They will be releasing an exclusive limited edition of Blamo’s new character “Fuzzie Bare.” Fuzzie is a 5″ tall resin … Read More

The Epic Adventures of Swampy McSwamperson

“The Epic Adventures of Swampy McSwamperson” custom toy show will be presented by the folks at Blamo Toys. Artists will be showing off their skills on Blamo’s DIY Swampy figures. … Read More

Hug to Drool at SDCC

While Blamo Toys will not have a San Diego Comic Con booth this year, they will be releasing an exclusive toy through the Dragatomi Booth #4935. Blamo will be releasing … Read More

Baby Blamo Tees

Blamo Toys has announced the June 20th 2011 release of their new Baby Blamo Tees. Available in Billy and Swampy designs, these all-organic cotton tee’s will make any baby look … Read More

Blamo Exclusives at WonderCon

Blamo Toys will be sharing their WonderCon booths (#1230 and #1232) alongside Five and Diamond. And with that comes the news of a few WonderCon exclusives. The first exclusive release … Read More