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Poplock Face Blocks

PopLocks 1

Paper Poseables has released some new Poplock toys that artist Josh Buczynski is calling the Face Blocks. Each printed page has two figures, some with four feet and some with two. "They can be used to augment or change the look of larger robots from my Super Combiners Series 1 collection - a pdf file I'm selling for $2.00 which has 4 robot templates plus a page of bonus parts for printing over and over (to help make bigger bots!)".

PopLocks 2

A.G.papertoys is Their Own Boss

AG Media Monsters

Alexander Gwynne (A.G.papertoys) is taking part in a T.V. show on the BBC called "Be Your Own Boss". The concept is that you are given £100.00 and a week to make as much money as you can (all profit going to charity during that week). Depending on how well you do, you can get up to £3,000.00 in the second stage to make a product a reality (in Alexander's case a line of papertoy greetings cards).

So, Alexander is selling papertoy sets. His Media Monsters and Colour Creatures have 4 figures in the set. They're available for just £5.00 per set. These aren't the actual papertoys, you'll be receiving the digital media to print them at home. Check it out via the above link.

AG Colour Creatures

Paper Foldable Colorado Buffaloes

paperfoldables buffalo 1

Our pal Bryan over at Paper Foldables has posted up his latest creation. This design was done for the University of Colorado (they're the Colorado Buffaloes). Unfortunately, the only way you can get one of these is by earning a degree. I'm pretty sure the school president hands you a Paper Foldable along with your diploma, upon graduation.

paperfoldables buffalo 2

2-PH Poplock Toy

Paper Poplock

Paper Poseables has released their first free Poplock toy - 2-PH, the mouthy mini bot. 2-PH (or "Toof") is fairly easy to make. You can download the .PDF template and get to work creating your own paper Poplock toy by following the above link.

Jello Biafra Papertoy from KNGL

KNGL jello

KNGL has just released his new punk icon papertoy. This time, he went with Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys. If you are in Italy, you can pick one up in the upcoming issue of Salad Days Magazine or download a free template over at KNGL's website.

Monster Studies

monster studies 1

Monster Studies are made from scrapbooking paper and assembled using no adhesives. They come in a two pack: the monster and its skeleton. Monster Studies monsters are a bit of a challenge to cut out and put together and are not recommended for kids under 12. Go check out their Etsy page, where these paper sets can be purchased for $10.00 each.

The Story:

We all know monsters live under our beds, but how do you fit such large creatures in such a small space? Monster Studies answers that conundrum. After years of study anthropologist Griffith has discovered these monsters secrets. Under the bed monsters have the ability to flatten themselves as thin as a piece of paper, and then fold themselves back to their original structure once out in the open. Terrifying and magnificent.

monster studies 2

Bunny till my Break Paper Toy

Xone Bunny till my Break

Xone Industries and artist Robert Curet have released a new paper toy design just in time for Easter. “Bunny till my Break” is his new free paper toy design, available to download for a limited time.

Robert explains his inspiration below:“I was walking on State street in Las Vegas with some friends a few months ago. There against the backdrop of old casinos and neon, we saw lots of people dressed as shabby versions of famous movie characters. Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elvis (of course)… you get the idea. These people made money by posing for photos with tourists for a price. One of these Hollywood icons was Minnie Mouse- complete with polka dot dress and paper Mache head.

After we had walked in one direction to the end, we turned and walked back. I saw Minnie Mouse’s empty head sitting on the sidewalk. It was odd to think this most famous of mice as decapitated- but there it was! Standing there, next to the mask , in oversized pink high heels and signature red dress with white dots- was a really disheveled man hastily smoking a cigarette. Minnie till his break.

I wanted to give Xone fans a chance to share in this visual joke. Innocence concealing the Con. It made me laugh when I saw it.”

Alexander Gwynne’s Streak Papertoy

AG Streak 1

Alexander Gwynne has released a new papertoy - Streak. The Streak design was made to support G.R.I.N. - "a charity that aims for equality for all in education. G.R.I.N believe that everyone is equal and deserves respect, no matter who you are or how you identify your self." You can download the free template via the above link.

AG Streak 2

PawPals Edgar Papertoy

Pawpals Edgar

Zakane (Justus Product) has released an exclusive custom papertoy design requested from the guys of AlexInLife. They requested a paper toy of their pet dog Edgar, so Zakane added a new design to the PawPals lineup. It can currently be downloaded for free.

MECH Ro KAHN Papertoy

Xone Leprechaun Mech

Designer Robert Curet presents a new holiday themed paper toy for March 2012. And when I think of March, I think of Mechs...or “MECH Ro KAHN”. This Leprechaun Mech papertoy is currently available to download at Xone Industries.