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Pushy Lover Papertoy

AG Lover

Alexander Gwynne (AG Papertoys) has released a new free papertoy just in time for Valentine's Day. So if you're running late today and the card store is closed...the Pushy Lover paper creation is exactly what you need.

Xone’s Balancing Cupid

Xone Cupid

With February bringing us Valentine’s Day, Xone Industries and Robert Curet have designed a special papertoy. This Cupid has been designed to balance perfectly upon his chin and not fall over. It's currently available as a free download via the above link.

Xone Cupid

Alexander Gwynne’s Tetris Blocks

AG Tetris

Alexander Gwynne has released his latest free paper toy design. These 6 new Tetris blocks are available to download, print and put together...for your enjoyment. The set includes 6 different shapes all on a single page and every block is 1 piece.

Paper Poseables

paper poseables 1

Josh Buczynski runs the site Paper Poseables, which - ironically enough - features poseable paper toys. These are all Josh's designs, and he offers up a number of free downloads like Bachsy and Facebot.

One of the cool thing's Josh has developed is a new interlocking system he calls "Poplocks". They are available (with a paper toy template) in his online shop. Also, you can download a sample via his website.

paper poseables 2

Minecraft Minis Batch 2

AG Mindcraft 2

Alexander Gwynne has released a new set of papertoys. Gamers should be interested in the Minecraft Minis Batch 2. The follow up to Batch 1 contains Herobrine, Wolf, Cow, Spider, Slime and Zombie Pigman. The templates are all free to download via the above link.

MLK Papertoy

xone mlk

For those of you who like to celebrate holidays with a papertoy...Xone Industries has a new Martin Luther King Jr. paper model available in their registration area. If you have Monday January 16th 2012 off from work or there a better way to celebrate the message of Dr. King than by constructing a paper toy?

Minecraft Papertoys

AG Minecraft 1

Alexander Gwynne appears to be addicted to the same game that takes up my free time - Minecraft. He has released 7 tiny Minecraft papertoys in Series 1. Series 1 consists of pig, chicken, zombie, Steve, skeleton, creeper ans sheep. The files can be downloaded, so that you can start your own Minecraft world.

Paper PawPals

zakane pawpals 2

Zakane (Justus Product) has released his newest paper toy creation - PawPals. Currently there are two designs available, one is named Rusty and the other is a Xmas special. Each PawPal comes with their personal food tray and a juicy bone.

zakane pawpals 1

Santa Claws Papertoy

xone santa claws

Xone Industries is just about ready to go live with a brand new website and store. To help get the word out, they’ve created a papertoy template of “Santa Claws” designed by artist Robert Curet.You can get the free PDF file by registering for their newsletter. The company will have a new papertoy model every month.

Spanky The Dog

paper foldables big spanky

Our good pal Bryan over at Paper Foldables has released a new paper template for your downloading and constructing pleasure. And while the "Spanky" here isn't a fellow toy blogger, folks who are allergic to pet dander might like this dog. You can download the template here.

Below is the write-up describing the project:

Last year I spent some time as a dog walker while doing Paper Foldables freelance. It was one of my best jobs ever! I walked so many sweet pups and I miss 'em all. One of my favourites was Spanky! He was always the 01st one I picked up on my route. I'd usually show up early just to play with him before we got to the poopin' business! Spanky was a rescue dog and now belongs to a great couple who were just recently married. They hired me to make these Spanky centerpieces with the idea that they would hold treats for wedding guests. It was also the topper for the wedding cake! What an honor! I even got to attend the beautiful wedding at BAM and brought Spanky as my date! Congrats to the newly married couple, Kenny and Joey!

paper foldables spanky