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Bryan over at Paper Foldables has teamed up with artist Johnny Ryan to produce a "Cannibal Fuckface" Paper Foldable. The character jumps off of the pages of Ryan's Prison Pit book series published by Fantagraphics. (You might also remember the vinyl toy released by Monster Worship) Here's how Bryan describes the project...

I've been a fan of Johnny's since his "Angry Youth Comix" ZINE days of the 90's! I've always loved gross and over the top humour, and Mr. Ryan does it right! His latest is a series of books called PRISON PIT, which is currently on book #4. I've actually just purchased a piece of art from the books cuz I love it that much. PRISON PIT is about a guy named "Cannibal Fuckface" who is dropped into this outlandish prison world where all sorts of crazy mayhem takes place. He loses his arm from a gob of spit in the first book and finds a creature which crawls into his arm hole and poops a powerful drug into his system to make him and awesome maniac killer! It's nuts and most definitely NSFW!

You can download the PDF to make your own Cannibal Fuckface here.

Paper Foldables Johnny Ryan Cannibal 2

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